Friday, October 7, 2016

Happy Autumn

Isn't this gorgeous?

As the seasons change and we ready ourselves for a wonderful time of ''nesting", when our focus turns to creating an inviting space to overwinter, I just want to wish you all a Happy Fall.  Here in Virginia, our leaves are not changing yet, and it seems a bit later than usual, which is fine by me.  

At Powell Brower Interiors we have been steadily busy with wonderful clients, and we are truly thankful.  Many of our more extensive installs this year have not been photographed yet since several are being done in stages, such as in Phase 1: basic furniture and finishes and Phase 2: the final layer of art, accessories and staging.

We have been doing some historic office spaces in Warrenton, VA and creating living room settings in each office, helping the employees to de-stress in our calm, natural and collected spaces.

 'Hakuna', the office mascot, on her gorgeous matching oushak rug.

We've had the most fun finding new vendors and bespoke craftsmen to add unique pieces to our designs...and getting our hands dirty.  I really love the process and the hands-on approach to finishing a room.

Lots of design plans for clients have been happening.  Some have been executed 'en totale', some in part and a few long distance.  A few did upholstery only, while others gave us artistic license to complete the job as we see fit. (Can I say DREAM client?) 
 Here are a few design boards:

Here are some PBI  sample presentation boards:

Bethany's kitchen and more house 'zhushing' has been happening, and, of course, is the most fun of all- designing together. That is my dream. We are working on getting that photographed, hopefully this year, so we will share those at a later time.


Have a wonderful fall and prayers to those in hurricane Matthew's wake!


  1. You are such a talented a dynamic duo. I love seeing your work - design boards and finished rooms! Happy fall to you both!

  2. I love seeing all of your projects! I cannot wait to see the finished rooms.

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