Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Update

BRRRRR it's cold outside!

 Wilma is under the covers these days keeping warm!
It's a crisp, cool fall weekend here and Gibbs is matching the fall colors. This will probably be the last weekend of fall foliage, sadly. Now the raking begins!

He is very interested in Thomas lately, which is good since Thomas is a little bored since we lost Willie, but he seems to be doing better than expected.  Gibbs wants to play with him and Thomas is wanting to play back...this could be interesting, and dangerous!

Gibbs thinks the pool cover is his personal trampoline!
We hope you enjoy your Sunday!
Stay warm!

P. S. Also, it's been a whirlwind October here and we want to sincerely thank each of you for commenting on the loss of our horse Willie, but time just got away from us.  It really meant alot to us that you knew how much a part of our family he was and your sweet comments were comforting. Thank you so much.


  1. Your animals are so adorable!! Love these updates, Nancy.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Nancy... love the doggies are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather though!

  3. It sure is chilly isn't it? And windy - in fact Rosie is outside chasing leaves at this very moment although almost all of our trees are bare now. Your trees look beautiful! Gibbs really is blending in well with the fall colors...such a cutie!

  4. I love that first photo of Gibbs where the background looks blue. Interesting that the horse and dog want to be friends.

  5. I always LOVE seeing pictures of your babies, they are so sweet, and Gibbs is beautiful, he's lost all of the puppy look! Your foliage is gorgeous, we've been raking leaves for a couple weeks!

  6. Gorgeous pics! Poor Wilma...Bruce is always under his blanket at night. He doesn't have the fur coat that the corgis have. Gibbs looks happy!

  7. Gorgeous photos!! I hope you had fun at Luckett' daughter and I had a blast! It was our first time there and it did not disappoint!! xoxo


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