Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Bethany and her family have been sending me great vacation pictures of the pups enjoying the sun, sand and water. They spent everyday beachin' it and lounging on the deck.

Seamus was getting sunburned up at the beach so she put her coverup on him...this kills me!

Meanwhile (back at the farm) Gibbs and Nick help with the horses.  We went to the Farmer's Market and to our Old Town Sidewalk Sale for a morning of socializing and behaving on Saturday. He still is a little timid of strange situations, so I am trying to take him everywhere.

Gibbs sits in the car like a human.  I need a bigger car! (excuse the blurry picture please!)

We had a few good hours at the pool last week. We close our pool around Oct. 1- a sad day for the Powell family! It's really too cold to swim in right now, but still lovely to look at!

Have a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead! Can't wait for Bethany to get home this week!


  1. Love these photos and Seamus in the cover up is priceless! I am trying to take Byron and Cooper more places with me ... they are double trouble, those two!! Have a wonderful Sunday! xo

  2. Love that last pic of Gibbs! That is a keeper!!

  3. Love this! They look like they are having so much fun. Seamus! hahahaha
    Gibbs is so big! Enjoy your day, Nancy...I know you must miss your girl.

  4. There's nothing like pictures of beautiful water and cuddly dogs!

  5. Such a cute post...hope your having fun Bethany!

  6. That first photo: awesome!!! Panda and Mocha would never lay that close. Speaking of car ride, we took the doggies to visit the pumpkin patch today. And after all that rain, wasn't it beautiful? Enjoy your pool!!
    Happy 1st day of autumn~

  7. Saw lots of photos of Wilma on IG and everything is looking fun and wonderful for you all Nancy!

  8. That photo of Seamus in the coverup cracks me up! He seems to be saying "What are you looking at?"


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