Friday, September 20, 2013

Whats on Your Walls?

We have had a great response of our readers sending in art on their walls!  Thank you all.  Today we are featuring Patty's Ephipanies.  Patty is so loyal, sweet and supportive!  She and MC sent in some art created by their grandaughter Erica Dougherty. Let's learn a little about her.

Erica  graduated from NC State with a degree in Graphic Design.  Among her art talents are custom pieces for those interested in preserving  personal "treasures" similar to her Christening Dress below.  She uses a medium that preserves fabrics.  Here is her Etsy site: irisiDesigns, so you can see more of her work. 

This  acrylic painting in Patty's office was inspired by the colors, textures and stucco of their former condominium in Charlotte, so Erica put it to canvas!

Patty says "Erica turned our family Christening Dress from the late 1800's into a
treasure for us to keep forever. She is a WIZ working with textures. This piece has given her the opportunity to preserve items for anyone who has that special piece they want to keep forever."

Whenever Patty and MC needed a piece of art they'd commission Erica to create one for a special spot! This one she painted for over a long kitchen counter in their former Norfolk, VA home.  She put a mosaic tile from the counter top in each panel.

This Asian Lady was for the spot over their fireplace in their Norfolk, VA home:

How special is art that you love created by someone you love! That's the best!

Thank you Patty for sharing this treasure of yours, who just happens to be related! Check out her etsy site here!


  1. Thank you Nancy for sharing our Granddaughter, Erica's , art with all your readers.
    Erica has been a joy to us and has always come through when we asked for a new special piece!
    We are so, so proud of Erica.

  2. The framed christening dress is stunning! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. They are the cutest couple! :) I always love seeing their art and updates to their beautiful home!

  4. Every piece of art is also a creation of love for Erica's grandma....Patty! I am very proud od my gifted daughter, Erica!

  5. I'm really smitten with the framed christening dress! Love that idea too. Great art pieces. Thanks for sharing and happy Friday. X

  6. All wonderful! And all custom too! Love it, thanks for sharing Patti! After seeing all other people's wall art, I'm now officially shy to share mine! waaaahhh! I don't have a lot of great art in my home - yet. ;-(

  7. Love the cubist graphic painting and the Christening dress, very clever!!
    Have a great weekend, Karolyn

  8. We are the biggest fans of Patty(and MC)and not only are we always excited to see her new art, but we are excited to see where she will have it fun to follow!! I don't remember seeing the art above the mantle - not sure how I missed that, but it's stunning!! Happy weekend, ladies ~

  9. Thank you everyone! It's wonderful to see such favorable comments about my work! My art is something fun that I do to stay creative and connected to my artistic side! My grandmother is my biggest client and she's so easy to work with :) "I need a piece for X room and it needs to be this big... GO!" Then she moves it all over the house anyway! Hahaha!

    Thank you Nancy for sharing my art!

    Please feel free to enter coupon code ART4FRIENDS for 20% off anything in my ETSY shop through the end of 2013... even for something custom! The holidays are fast approaching... :)

  10. Erica is so talented!! What she does to preserve heirlooms by turning them into art is so unique and beautiful, and something I've never seen anyone else do. She's amazing!


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