Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend puppy update

"Sir Gibbs" we registered him as (with the American Kennel Club) this week.  His father is Sir Mack Dodd, so we followed suit.  We had snow on Monday last week and he was more thrilled than I.

 I came in the kitchen one day and there he sat, right in the window. I had to laugh and grab my camera before I beat his cute little arse...

He thinks he's a cat.

His coat is getting longer and more curly. He is 17 weeks old.

Our yard is full of half-chewed sticks now. He is giving new meaning to Spring Cleanup. I'm going to have to sacrifice our pool yard to puppyhood this spring and summer. He has pulled landscape fabric out from under the mulch and been digging. :(  He is very interested in birds and planes and is always looking up!

He loves to play ball with Michael.

I hope you're getting your puppy fix cause Im getting mine everyday! As much as he is growing so tall and filling out, he is as goofy and clumsy as can be right now.  Have a lovely FUN Sunday.


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  1. Sir Gibbs is just adorable. Watching aeroplanes, lounging on windowsills and playing with sticks. Its a hard life!

  2. Nancy that Sir Gibbs has to be related to my Beau! I have a blanket chest in my office window that Beau also thinks is a bed! Sir Gibbs is getting more handsome by the minute.....he is gorgeous!

  3. I love me some puppy......he is so cute!

  4. So sweet! My golden always found a way to lay in the window. They love to watch what's going on outside. I finally gave in and built a window seat his size and it was his favorite place to be, especially when I was at work.

  5. Oh. How. Adorable!
    Sir Gibbs it shall be, and he is adorable, Nancy!!

  6. Such a galant name but with a hint of playfulness! Love it nancy, Sir Gibbs is growing beautifully !

  7. Sir Gibbs is looking quite regal in the window! :) Thanks for my fix!

  8. Such a cute puppy Nancy. Love him sitting in the window...too funny :)

  9. So cute and growing so fast....hows your diet coming along?

  10. Thanks so much for commenting on my green Curtains. I am looking forward to really putting the room together once the weather gets nice! I love all your decor, not just saying it. Awesome.

  11. I'd like to play ball with Michael myself!

  12. What a doll. My dog died recently and this makes me consider another. Aren't the a lot of work though...puppyhood.

    1. Mary Ann, you should definitely consider another. The love and adoration they give you back in return is worth it. He is under constant surveillance that's for sure!

  13. Oh Sir Gibbs! you should meet my Lord Byron!! What fun they are and I love that you are photo-chronicling him ... wish I had done that!! xo

  14. It cracks me up the way he sits in the window!! What a ham! I just love your updates of that little sweetie!

  15. OMG! I love these updates! Keep them coming:)


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