Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is it spring yet?


I'm not the hugest fan of these Keep Calm posters since they became so overdone, but have you seen this one? It's me to a "t".  In light of the first day of spring last week, and reports of snow and cold temps here this weekend, I NEED MORE COLOR in my life right now.   Come on spring!
Have a nice weekend.

Nancy and Bethany


  1. Freezing this morning in NJ, where oh where is Spring??
    If you need more color check out my post on Lee Jofas showroom..Now there is some color girlfriend!!
    have a great weekend!

  2. I am so ready for warmer weather! I've got stuff to do and I don't do outside in the cold.

  3. Amen Sister!! I am ready ... the sun is shining today, this is HUGE!! We are spring cleaning as I type ... guess I'd better get back to it!! xo

  4. I feel a little guilty that we have such gorgeous weather here in LA this weekend while so many are still freezing. Hope you guys get some spring really soon! :)


  5. I want more color, too! Going to buy flowers tomorrow.

  6. It is all so relative. Here in San Diego we are complaining about the "chill" because it is only 66 degrees and longing for some sunshine before noon. But I must say that as a skier I also envy all the snow you guys have but can imagine how you also long for a burst of color and a bit of warmth. hang in's coming!


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