Friday, March 22, 2013

tough act to follow

I was sitting here looking for postspiration (you know...inspiration for a blog post.  Not to be confused with perspiration, although I guess I do sweat it sometimes) and nothing was doin' it for me.  

Mom's laundry room reveal proved to be a tough act to follow.  For real, big props to her and the ladies of the ORC!!

Then I stumbled across this pair on an OKL sale, Leslie Allen and Sam Allen.  And I'm a sucker for a mother-child duo.

[Could they come from a better looking gene pool!]

I really love their different aesthetics. Sophisticated but fun.  Cozy but formal.

Sam's all...

[um, is that Le Tigre in neutral? punctuated by leopard in the background... ehrmergherd]


And then Leslie's all....

I love it!  They join the likes of Lauren & Suzanne and Jan & Christy for me!

Happy Friday peeps!


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  1. Great styles - both mother & son

  2. So excited I read this. Going over now...I love Sam.

  3. Such great looks and definitely can see a similar design aesthetic. I'm obsessed with the work of Phoebe Howard and I just saw work that her son is doing. Love when they follow in the footsteps of their talented parents. Heading to check more of Sam and Leslie's work.

  4. This is so fun ... I am headed over to see more of Sam and Leslie .... Happy Friday missy!! xo

  5. Yeah, don't forget my favorite duo, Nancy and Bethany! Duh. Happy weekend Ladies!

  6. Wait....she's his mother? She looks way to young to be his mother...thought they were sibs :)

    I like their styles. I'm a sucker for neutrals!

    Your mom's laundry room was indeed awesome.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. It's comforting to see that Sam can finally grow facial hair.

  8. Wow, never knew about this awesome tandem! Gorgeous rooms, thanks for the intro Bethany, and don't worry, I think you did a pretty good follow-up post! ;-) Have a great weekend!

  9. The style are very unique and fascinating! It’s really attractive to the viewer. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.


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