Sunday, February 17, 2013

Weekend Puppy Update, 12 weeks

It all started when I first set my eyes on our puppy at 7 weeks. It was love at first sight, of course.
Gibbs at 7 weeks, 12 lbs.

 It has taken 4 weeks for them to get this close. Nicky sits on this window seat in my home office. It is his 'perch' where he can guard the property and stay close to me. Gibbs tried and tried to get up there each week, and Nicky wouldn't have it. He has turned into a grumpy old man (at 7).  But week 4...SUCCESS! (Nicky still won't make eye contact!)

Im sure I'll take more picture's on this bench in a week or two and you will see the sprouting of those legs even more. Check out those feet. There's alot of growing going on!

My buddy at 12 weeks. I won't be able to do this much longer. He is absolutely a delight, the best entertainment-- he sticks so close to us, actually we trip over him, when we walk in the yard.

He is 28 lbs. and has grown 1 inch taller this week. He has learned to 'shake' and does it vigorously for more treats, walks great on a leash and  definitely knows the word "no", and listens.  This is great progress. 

Nothing better for getting over the blues or a rough week than having puppy kisses and those intense brown eyes looking at you adoringly.  Puppy love- I recommend it to all!

Have a wonderful Sunday. See you later this week for more progress on the ORC...

xo Nancy


  1. What a sweetie! I miss those days of innocent puppyhood - and those paws really are huge! Enjoy!

  2. That precious face warms my heart. So glad you found each other. Nicky will shake it off eventually and have a new buddy to keep him young.

  3. Ah ... they grow up soooo fast!! Gibbs is precious! and that unconditional love is amazing!! xo

  4. He looks like he's looking into our soul.

  5. So cute....shoot he is going to be big!

  6. He's sooooo cute!! I love these updates.

  7. What a sweet tribute to a super cute pup! Happy 12th Gibbs!

  8. He is too cute!! Our "new" puppy is now almost 9 months old!! Can't believe how fast time goes!!

  9. Love your dogs! Ours is a lab and he still has that puppy look at 9. Great post, happy Sunday:)

  10. He's absolutely adorable! Golden retriever? That's the kind of dog I want if we ever get one! He's definitely got some growing to do to fit into those paws! :)

  11. He's so cute, Nancy! I just want to snuggle up with that sweet little bundle.
    xo, T.


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