Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are you your worst client?

I am. 

I'm trying to make decisions for my small laundry room project for the ORC and honestly, because I see so much decorating on a daily basis, I love too many things and can't narrow it down for myself. My current dilemma is the window treatment.  This is what I have to work with:

You'd think the sky's the limit, but I'm being sooooo picky. Here's my mindset:
  •  I want a decorative pattern, something that stands out, designer-y
  • I don't need full privacy, but would like a valance or something to come down 1/2 way from the top window
  • I could do a faux roman shade
  • I''m not sure if treatment should hang from the ceiling
  • I do love the white molding of the window to show
  • Alot of color or neutral? ( I'm thinking no on neutral...TODAY)
  • Layered treatment with woven shade under a topper?
Here are some choices I've considered:

Have you seen this hand stitched detail on this fabric! WOW.

Bethany's opinion of her Mom as the client:

Whew, good thing I love her.... :)  She loves everything but will only fire on neutrals, Scandinavian or traditional things.  She can get me to fire on something that I'm hemming and hawing over, but as good as she is at execution, she can't seem to do it herself.  At least on her laundry room.  We've looked at fabrics until we're blue in the face but still she second guesses it. Bottom line, if she was a real life client, she'd better be paying me some good money because she would be a tough one.  That brings me to another point.  If we had all the money in the world, she would have the most beautiful things.  But since we always have a budget in mind for all of our personal projects, we have to get creative.  But most things she likes are pretty timeless and she's always been way ahead of the curve.

Nancy's opinion of Bethany as the client:

I absolutely love Bethany's aesthetic. It is fresh and a little different than me.  She is young fickle though, and  buys (and returns) a lot online.  I feel there is no compensating for touching, feeling and seeing the actual scale of the print.  Of course that takes time and legwork and if you have to wait for samples to be mailed, that's time lost.   Shopping in real time, that's when we have the MOST fun; sourcing and doing our 'market research' out in the real world, not virtual world.

Personal projects are probably the most fulfilling because we can stretch our imaginations and convince each other to do things we otherwise couldn't impress upon a normal client.  But even so, I still find myself stuck on this fabric dilemma.  

What is your dilemma room in your house?



  1. I LOVE this honest post. We are all the worst on ourselves, right? It's so true. So here's something I always remind myself when I get stuck on decisions. I equate my fabric or home options to a trip to Sams Club. Granted this only works because I'm purchasing off the bolt or small items. I think to myself, if I end up wasting $150 on fabric that is a waste, no doubt. But it's really no worse than going to Sams Club and buying gummy bears and paper towels and pretzels rods in bulk. I didn't really need those either but I never feel hesitant about throwing those in the cart and wasting the money. Or a pillow equals lunch. I have much less anxiety when I think through it like this. My mom has much more anxiety over decisions that I do. Maybe it's generational. We're much more willing to be wasteful Bethany? ha!

  2. I am the worst! Two years and I still can't commit to paint colors although I would be telling a client, "Its just paint!" I am changing out custom throw pillows after a year and a half...it goes on forever. You are not alone in this Nancy.

  3. Yes, I change my mind constantly and I think my home reflects that ... I call it Eclectic, it is really "can't make up her mind" kind of a style going on!! My vote for the Windows ... take the roman shade ALL the way to the ceiling ... will make the room feel bigger and draw your eye up ... the fabric, well ... you make that choice!! xo

  4. Ain't that the truth, I live with things for weeks (even months) before pulling the trigger. I think being constantly stimulated by all of the awesomeness out there is a blessing and a curse. I am with Kim on the treatment style and will go one step further, love the paisley and the creme geometric, they are both very current, but have staying power and flexibility. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  5. I know exactly how you feel. I always feel there could be a better decision out there that will appear after I make my choice. :) I think you've got some great options there. I would go with either that first option, which is beautiful, or the yellow which would add a really great pop against your wall and pick up your butcher block.

  6. you guys are funny working together! I bet you love every minute of it though :) I do love the white fabric with the squares and the last yellow one with flowers. Its hard I know, you want it to be perfect.

  7. I just finished my laundry room so I feel your pain. I love fabric choice #1. I think we are always our worst clients so I say just accept it and embrace your "quirks".....that's what I do :) - Brandy

  8. I'm right there with you! It is so hardto make decisions for my own home. Sometimes I just want someone to do it for me. All those fabrics are so pretty, i love the last yellow one!

  9. Isn't it amazing how picky we are in our own homes? Why I don't know.
    I think this would be a great place to use color because you probably will not get tired of it. We need all the help we can get when we are doing laundry.
    Great post.

  10. I am the worst at this. I am all over the place, and change my mind at least 4 times. I also like to ask others what they think. It helps with my process. Although, people sometimes get mad when you don't follow their opinion. For your room, I am voting white background.

  11. I love this post! Reading thru this don't you think you ladies are the "perfect fit of the exact opposites"?! ;-) One is meticulous and has hard time deciding and the other one decides on a whim! But the one great thing about your team is that, you both respect each others tastes and choices and basically merge your options into one great design aesthetic!

    You don't need our help on this one Nancy, you'e already got everything you need in choosing the right fabric combo for this space!

    As for a design dilemma in my house - I have plenty , dining room and kitchen tops my list ;-)

  12. You have lots of good choices! I say roman shade all the way up to ceiling in the gray and white boxy (thom filicia?) fabric.

  13. You know those stripes in the bathroom I did last week, I've been thinking of wallpapering over them! :) My window is similar and I'm taking the treatment to the ceiling and leaving as much of the glass uncovered as possible. Love the bright colors for the laundry room, but #1 is fabulous, too!

  14. I am definitely my worst client. I was just thinking that while trying to come up with a mood board for my master. I think it's because we want to put everything we LOVE in our homes-not pick them because we have to! I vote for the 3rd fabric!

  15. I tend to settle on a great solution pretty quickly, but it's usually waaaay outside of my budget. Then I get all cranky about having to find a cheaper, less fab substitute.

  16. First of all, I love ALL of the potential selections! I think that yellow would be an amazing pop in there. It would actually make me want to go into my laundry room ;) I've been selecting hardware for my kitchen cabinets...I looked at knobs for 2 weeks for hours on end. (I'm definitely my own worst client!) But I settled on something completely unexpected and can't wait for the installation!!

  17. I don't think I am my own worst client. I wish I had the money to be my own worst client. I know what i want, and I want it in all one feel swoop and that takes bucks. that is probably what I find most frustrating with the job...when 70% gets done and then the 30% that is going to make it majorly awesome gets the plug pulled. I am new to this...I need to work on this. My advice to you,be bold...go for the yellow...it is the most unusual of them all and makes a statement..I feel like I have seen the rest in some sort of way.

  18. I'm my worst client... for sure....I never have time for my own house and when I do there's so many things that have to be done I cant make up my mind what I'm going to do first! I like to see and touch....things always look better on-line and when you get it, it looks cheap or a different color! Cant wait to see which one your going to use...

  19. You two are so funny.
    Isn't it annoying when we can't decide on a design path?
    For me, I know it when I see it. If I choose before that...I'm making a mistake.

  20. WTF...like this is a news flash? Ha Ha Ha Ha....So dang true with anyone who is creative cause you know the minute you do it right around the corner is the absolute most perfect fabric ever printed. #nowayaroundit

  21. This post is hysterical...we are always our own worst clients! Love the first fabric from Suburban home...


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