Friday, January 25, 2013

Know your columns

 Sometimes this comes up in design so here's a quick primer from left to right, simplest to most detailed:

     Doric             Ionic          Corinthian

So now you can identify these:


Have a great weekend friends! Stay warm.



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  1. I am getting ready to give my columns a face lift. They have too much small moldings applied, and it is too busy for me. Plaster columns are not in my budget. Has Loi ever taken a bad picture? Dang, he's good.

  2. loved seeing the different column styles, nancy! donna

  3. thanks for the info Nancy! I love the Doric the best. Now, I know what that column is called, this is the type I chose long ago when we were thinking of changing our glass block columns to. Now, that got me thinking of another Project procrastination project for Linda! :-)

  4. When I see the second picture of pillars, it reminds me of ancient Greek or Roman building.

  5. The Doric is my favorite. Have them in my home and love their simple, yet elegant presence. Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. I adore Ionic and a more simple Corinthian. I adore architecture than incorporates columns correctly. I almost passed out from the shock of so much beauty when I visited UVA a few years ago.

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