Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Puppy Update

The Powell Brower zoo has 2 puppies I will keep you abreast of. Seamus, Bethany's 5 month old Bulldog puppy, now 35 lbs., is growing in leaps and bounds, and is as big now as his 4 year old "sister" Wilma.
Here's Seamus when she got him, and here he is now:

 I'm minding the crib over here with our new puppy Gibbs, who is 9 weeks old, and grew 2" taller this week! It was snowing out today and he sat out on the middle of the pool cover just looking up at the sky and catching snow flakes.  He has been a dream and is getting more rambunctious now that he is getting a little more confident. We really can't take our eyes off him, unless he is in the crate, cause he is exploring and starting to chew cords, shoes, etc.  Time to lay the smack down!  Here are this week's pictures.  Enjoy a little puppy love.

( too tuckered out to function, so he fell asleep over the arm of the couch onto the end table..)

Enjoy your weekend friends, and I hope you get a chance to savor your down time and relax.

xo Nancy

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  1. Those precious, spoiled babies are going to be great pals ~ so cute!!

  2. I love Gibbs :) And Seamus, Wilma and Nicky :) :) We need to get a family shot of everyone together.

  3. I'm envious of the puppy kisses, Nancy! I still get lots of action from Bruce but it's more like an exfoliating facial from that big boy.
    Thanks for the update...Seamus is getting big! Love the photo of Gibbs passed out on the arm of the couch. It's hilarious how puppies can fall asleep anywhere and in an instant.
    xo, Tina

  4. Love that puppy! I miss my golden. Now I have two chocolate labs that I love, but nothing beats a golden!

  5. Awwwwww. So cute I can barely stand it!

  6. Make my DAY!! My first call on this Saturday morning was from son...his pg wife was off getting breakfast and he called to update on Lula May...she was full in his lap...nudging him to play...with her...I said, "can she still sit in your lap?" I love those dogs so much! They have both American and English..those faces those faces those faces!

  7. AW, nothing like a puppy to brighten your day :) Just looking at these pictures makes me so happy!
    xx Melissa

  8. Seamus is cute but there is nothing better than a golden retriever. Enjoy!

  9. Oh my gosh those puppies are adorable! I don't envy the puppy stage! If you need advice on toys that are indestructible I am an expert! Beau is two and he still chews toys up!!

  10. Oh I wish you lived by me so I could bring my new puppy Dakota over to play!! SHe's part Golden and Lab, looks live your golden with shorter fur!! Your new babies are too cute!!!
    xo Karolyn

  11. too cute!! what precious puppies!! This is my favorite stage...I wish they could stay puppies forever!!

  12. They are both so cute! That Gibbs is one adorable puppy - such a sweet, innocent face! The sleeping picture is priceless!


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