Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flights of Fancy

We were asked by my cousin, Ashley, to come up with a plan for her living room that she could execute slowly over time.  She has four kids so a livable living room combined with filling her grande space was a must!  They recently built a lovely large home in Tennesee and she's done a great job planning it.  The features speak for themselves and custom detail can be seen throughout.  But she needs help pulling it all together

We had to use the furniture she already has and lucky for us her, the sofa is fantastic and it works so well with a large rug she had placed in her entry that she picked up in Turkey during a family trip. We picked an accent color out of her rug and used grasscloth wallpaper to accentuate it, along with the addition of two slipper chairs, a bench and some accessories.  We found an old picture of my uncle in Germany (where she also lived for a few years) for her to have blown up and hung on the wall.  Since Ashley (and her dad) are pilots, we incorporated some flight-y elements like the coffee table.

We love challenges where we have to utilize some pieces that are already there.  Really makes you think!

Hope you had a great holiday!!!


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  1. Is that wallpaper? I really like the blue. I hope she sends you pictures so we can watch it unfold.

  2. Love this ladies! Lot's of great pieces and attention to details like the family photo and the flight elements. And I'm with Linda on the wallpaper, love it!!! I have a very similar project in the works for a client with leather furniture and a rug picked on while traveling!!

  3. What a great mix of feminine, masculine and family friendly! That photo is just great - so cool. Happy Holidays!

  4. Great job. Love that you pulled the accent color from that amazing rug into the grasscloth. Hope she shares her progress. Thanks for the comment today, I always pop over to see what projects y'all are getting up to. Hope you gals are having a great holiday season!

  5. I love how you captured their personality with the photo, and trunk. I'll always love the texture grasscloth adds and the color will be perfect with the rug! Nice job...again! :)

  6. I am dying to use grasscloth someone's home somewhere - and I particularly love the blue glass cloth with the leather sofa. Great looking space!!

  7. Wonderful how you pulled it all together! The wallpaper and the rug have great texture. Love the trunk! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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