Friday, December 28, 2012

The key to great presents... having a designer daughter to know what you want for the house!  Thanks Bethany!

She gave me a Moravian Star pendant light! (and a Mongolian fur pillow!)

And some beautiful linen napkins from the OKL "Martyn and Mary Collection" (showcased in November):

 Bethany got a print from one of her favorite artists, Clare Elsaesser from TastesOrangey (and some Nate Berkus sheets, some Etsy jewelry...)

Oh, and my hubby made me new solid birch cabinets for a future project!

My artist son gave me tons of art supplies, which I LOVE!!!! I started creating and am having the most fun...

I also got my order for this Spoonflower fabric. The print is Escher Pagoda Trendy Tangerine by Kerry Steele. I just got it on the basic combed cotton and it is more fabulous in person than online!! So excited to do something with it, and I'm so thrilled for our friend Kerry, from Design du Monde, who is creating the most awesome fabrics.

I hope you got some lovely things and are having a wonderful holiday! Any New Year plans? We make a nice meal, open the bubbly and stay home..that's what old folks do around here. 
Enjoy the rest of the holiday!


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  1. Wow, all perfect! I love Kerry's fabric and I think I may order some, as well.

  2. Great presents! I've been eyeing that print and Kerry's fabric as well.

  3. Lucky you! Those linen napkins are awesome. I got some VERY nice sheets that I am thrilled about. Thanks for the fabric mention.

  4. Can I adopt your daughter ? Lucky you :) love the painting. Happy new year!

  5. I covet your Star! Beautiful print for Bethany. Kerry is so talented. It seems ashamed to make a single cut to her gorgeous fabric. Happy New Year! (Ditto on how we will be spending the night.)

  6. Hi, Nancy and Bethany ~ Hope you're both well! My new shipment is all ready, and our family has left. Back to enjoying some quiet time....and catching up on favorite blogs. Awesome presents there! Can't wait to see what you're gonna do with those birch cabinets :)
    Warm wishes ~

  7. Great gifts! Sounds like there are more than a couple of you who are creative and artistic. Enjoy the rest of the holiday, Nancy!

  8. Great gifts!
    Have a wonder New Year, MC and I wish you both the Best!

  9. Looks like a good haul - love that fabric!
    Wishing you all the best in 2013!!

  10. Loving that fixture and fabric!! Happy new years to you two!

  11. Can't wait to see how you incorporate all your fun new gifts!! Love your artwork and Kerry's fabric!

  12. Well-deserved gifts Nancy!! I have the same fabric only in citrine! I can't wait to start my project too! My favorite gift was a 4 Dollar store snowman plates from my 7 year old he bought at Santa's workshop! just melted my heart and also a Willow tree Angel of healing from one of my patients family, we are indeed blessed. :-)


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