Monday, October 15, 2012

How to frequently redecorate

I know most of you are addicted to re-doing rooms over and over like we are, but in case you have had your furniture in the same spot for a long while, or yearn for a new look to go along with a new season, here are some things we do at Powell Brower.


I  often take all art down off a wall in a room or two and create new wall groupings.  Sometimes just moving pictures around will give the room just a fresh new look!


Did you know that lining the walls with furniture (and hanging rugs on the wall) was actually a medieval practice of keeping out the drafts between the stones on the castle walls?  I remember my grandfathers house in Oregon had furniture lining the walls with barely room for one more thing. Even when I was little I thought that was so odd.  Maybe that's where my love for rearranging began!

Look at all how Robert Passal "floats" all the furniture in the room:


This is the least expensive remodel you can do that yields the largest reward.  So you spend $20-60.00 on a can of paint to give your room a whole new look...just do it!

                                          (Bethany's bold brown ceiling for  her ORC)

                                                        (my kitchen)

I see people labor over paint decisions and I just want them to jump in. " It's just PAINT" I always say, not a major investment.


Often you have all you need for a new look around your  own home.  Don't know where to start or you need to unblock your 'decorator's block'? Take everything out of a room, put it all on the kitchen counter and reassign things to different rooms.  Better yet, if you have a friend ( or daughter) whose 'eye' you value, have them work with you, since two heads are literally better than one....


You can really change out your pillow covers for a minimal outlay of funds. Shops on Etsy offer tons of pillow choices as do your local or online home stores.  Or trying sewing some; there are plenty of DIY's out there.

The most important thing is to make your house your own with personal items and things you love; experiment and have fun in the process and get help if you get stuck or need a new plan. Decorators can help you formulate a plan and save you from making costly mistakes! 



If you are looking for help with your home, we'd love to work with you! Contact us for a listing of our services and prices. Nancy and Bethany


  1. Great tips. I love the colorful pillows.

  2. This makes me want to do a little rearranging in my own house today!!

  3. I am itching to change things up at my house... such great and simple ideas!

  4. I love the first two images...I love powder bathrooms because you can have so much fun with them. We are addicted aren't we?

  5. Great suggestions and beautiful photos! I will admit though, it would be difficult for me to sleep in a bed floating in the middle of the room. Not sure why but it would be uncomfortable - something mental I suppose?


    1. I used to feel that way until I saw images with a bed with a 1/2 wall or dresser behind it, or some 'weighted' piece of furniture to create a new plane, grounded with an area rug to define it! Anything goes !

  6. Great tips! I think I've done all of them recently except change my furniture around, hmmm.... :)

  7. Nancy-
    You are so on the money with these tips! I need to paint right now! I also love moving accessories and art around!
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Monday.

  8. Great tips. I'm almost done with my living room and dinning room. I have to do my bedroom. I have ignored it for so long that it is embarrassing!

  9. Great tips! I absolutely love that bathroom! The dark walls full of art are so striking.


  11. My favourite is changing the accessories. Friends have told me it's fun to come over and see what will be new. That is the biggest compliment I can hear to know that people appreciate my ADD:))

  12. First, let me say again, I love your sunroom! Second, These are great tips and I prefer to float furniture. I think people forget that its an option sometimes. I wish it was an option in my long, narrow family room.

  13. YES, YES on all your ideas! Never a dull minute at the Bucket List House. Now the neighbors check in daily to see "What"s New"!
    Latest was moving Erica's art around. It keeps me going...

  14. Thanks for reminding us again about how we can spruce up our spaces without breaking the bank! Floating furniture used to intimidate me, but after we got this home of ours, there was now walls to put any furniture against on! I'm glad it turned out so, because it was a "bold" step for me to do that and I'm so happy I did it - I love our living room the way it is now. :-)


  15. great tips. I think my favorite is rearranging the art. It's like seeing it for the first time again!


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