Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look for Less

I'm a little obsessed with getting the look for less, if you hadn't noticed.  I believe there's always a way to achieve a look or feel in room design without spending an inordinate amount of money.  

So here's the inspiration for this weeks installment of the Look for Less:

I find it odd that I'm drawn to this at all, because I don't care for Rococo style-furniture or metal art, but I love how all of these pieces mesh together.  I initially pinned this image when I was looking for inspiration with my former RL polyhedron pendant.

Here's how to get this vibe for far, far less!

A few notes:

  • I would look for a great Turkish or Persian rug on eBay and overdye it myself.  We've had tremendous luck with Dharma Acid Dyes
  • The slipcovers for the Parsons chairs were from World Market, but you can get simple Parsons chairs at Ikea for around $50 a piece - a steal!  
  • I'd also go in favor of framing my own dried palm fronds, which you could do easily with Ikea frames.  
  • Even though the console isn't the right color (right now), it was such a deal and has the lines I was looking for and is easily fixed with primer and paint. 

For as much as one of the geometric Suzanne Kasler pendants in the inspiration picture, we've put together a similar look and feel!! 

What room do you want to recreate?


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  1. What a great job Bethany. I think I like it even better than the original. :)

  2. Nicely done, Bethany. I have not been to an Ikea in a long time, (there isn't one near me,) but I am headed to RI this weekend and you have inspired me to stop at the Ikea I have seen from the highway on my way there!

  3. Beautiful, reasonable finds, Bethany! Ikea and World Market, two of my favs!

  4. Amazing recreation! And thanks for the tip on the dye...I may need that in the future :)

  5. Those chandies are beautiful and very nicely priced. Overstock really impresses me with some of their products with them being so good! Beautiful room and ideas. Thank you!

  6. I would pick your version any day! The less expensive price tag has me sold in a heartbeat!

  7. your truly talented on this Bethany! Love how you made the room feel the same despite the huge price dispartity I bet. Greatjob!

  8. Bethany-
    I LOVE your choices here, and really prefer your room. I really like this series too.
    Happy Tuesday.

  9. Eeeeek!!! That entryway is so fab. I'm obsessed. Love that you recreated the look- especially the rug you found.

  10. I'm loving the doors!
    I'm making a note to self about the dye- thanks for the tip, B.
    You are pinning some awfully cute outfits on Pinterest. :)


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