Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What your bed says about you

I have always loved the bedding at Serena & Lily.  They have a feature on their site where you can design your own bed (with their products of course) and interchange duvets, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.  Very clever and a wonderful preview if you are looking to purchase some of their goods.  They have 10 style Gurus showcasing how they like to make their beds...check it out!

So it begs the question - do you prefer lots of color or neutrals?

Beth Webb has designed the perfect bedding (above), in my opinion.  I am currently favoring neutral outerwear for bedding, like a duvet in white, and adding pops of color in the bedskirt and/or pillows. I also love monograms!  

Here are some colorful options in bedroom decor.

But for me, it always comes right back to the neutral bedding.


This brings to mind the styling of the bed linens. It seems like there is no ideal style.  One designer spoke of the perfect pillow arrangement on a king size bed being 3 Euro shams, 2 King pillows, 2 Standard pillows and 2 throw pillows. It depends on how many layers you want though, I suppose.  As well as your desired softness, comfort and how many pillows the people in your bed require.  I do love good sheets, a matelasse cover, a folded duvet at the end of the bed, a simple bedskirt and a luxe look and feeling. 

 How do you prefer your master bed to be styled: sophisticated, simple, neutral, frilly, colorful, tons of pillows, solids, patterns ?  I think these answers give a hint into your personality!

Sleep tight.


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. Great pictures. I love the two with blue shades. Especially the one with blue and brown. I have blue, brown, white and red in my bedroom. And it's one of my favorite rooms. The bedding has to be neutral..preferably white with a few colorful pillows and blanket. And of course the bed has to have a feather bed. Great post.


  2. Thank you for a very wonderful post...so pretty and helpful!

  3. I knew when I saw your first photo it was going to be hard to beat for my favorite! Love the white against those rich chocolate walls, and a monogram...yes, please!

  4. Those are beautifully appointed beds. I love a well styled bed--in a guest room, or staged bedroom. For daily living I'm all about neutrals and simplicity. A Matelasse cover is preferred. I have a Maltipoo, Izzie, and the Master Bed is her spot of choice. Someday I will have monogrammed linens!

  5. I am ok with a little color and pattern in a coverlet or decorative pillows but I have been called a weirdo for insisting on white sheets and pillowcases. I really prefer the clean look of all white bedding.
    I love the image you have with the toile pagoda duvet.

  6. # 1 has always been me
    when in maine i may be more of # 6.

    xox wise grasshopper

  7. I usually like neutral linens inside and out but after looking at these wonderful images I might be changing my mind! Lovely!

  8. Love the bed styler at Serena and Lily! Also always love their bedding. Just got one of their upholstered high beds for my master! Will post it on my blog as soon as it arrives! Thanks for the great post! xoxo

  9. Nancy, I love the last bed arrangement. My pillow shams consist of two kings, and four standard..I place the two kings on top of our "real pillows" on top, then three of the standard shams upright, and the fourth standard in the middle of the three. It works, would love to have had the opportunity to use two Euro's. I have a duvet at the foot of the bed. What I really need is just the right texture for a blanket, coverlet or whatever that you see between the duvet and the pillows. It's a work in progress.

  10. I tend to go for colorful but not pattern--I love love love large patterned curtains, so I try to keep the bedding colorful but solid. And I suffer from the too many pillows syndrome.

  11. I like different looks, so I think for me it just depends on the rest of the room. I think the ideal look for me though is a bed where the colors are simple and neutral but just layered with tons of different textures...and then backed with a HUGE patterned headboard. That's the bed of my dreams anyway. What I'm living with now is quite a bit different! ;)

  12. My bedroom has chocolate walls. I change my bedding constantly- right now it's a creamy light summer quilt and pale blue sheets and a pale blue linen duvet. The pillows are all cream with brown, blue, green and cream embroidery.
    Big mistake since that hound Bruce has moved in! LOL
    Love your photo selections- I'd die to have those windows in # 2!

  13. I am trying my best to lessen the number of pillows on my bed, but I love monograms. I am thinking just monogrammed that I can wash each week. I would like for the bedskirt to have the monogram colors in it. After that, I am brainstorming. Amazing how the linens are the most difficult part to me.
    Thanks for ht info on Serena and Lily.

  14. neutrals....and now traditional neutrals. I try so hard to bring color in but it always feels cheap and juvenile to me. Maybe once I have a home full of gorgeous antiques I'll be ambitious with color again. But not in the bedroom. Calm and peaceful is what I need in there after my crazy days!

  15. Love all of these inspiration photos- I'm still not sure how to style my bed when I get my new shams. Its going to be a challange thats for sure :)


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