Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One Room Challenge : Week 5 Update

This second-to-last week of the One Room Challenge has been the toughest on our end.  We're juggling a few client projects and tried to get some things accomplished on my master bedroom but there just aren't enough hours in the day.  My eyelids are alternating opening and closing while I write this.  

The accomplishment that deserves top billing is that MY RUG CAME!  Upon arriving home from a day trip this afternoon, an oversize and lengthy package hung off the front of my patio.

The story of the rug is one of several eye rolls and bittersweet ending.  

I ordered the rug back in June.  I got an e-mail that it shipped.  Two weeks later, it hadn't arrived so I tracked it.  UPS said a label had been created but nothing was scanned in.  Hmmm.  I called the company I ordered it from and they said 'oh, wait, it's back-ordered until August.'  So I thought real hard and thought real hard again and decided, it was worth the wait even if my reveal didn't include the new rug.  So I kept it on order.  Then, earlier this week, I got another e-mail update from said company explaining the rug had been pushed back to the end of August.  I tried to call Sunday to cancel the order, but they were closed.  So I finally got through on Monday and was told, 'oh, your rug is en route.'  How can this be?  Whether it was or wasn't, their system was showing it was on its way so I couldn't cancel.  Meanwhile I had made the painful decision to order the zebra cowhide in its place and had grown quite attached to the idea of the switch up.

 My head was volleying back and forth between this

Or that.  This or that.  This or that.

Regardless of my indecision (a lifelong ailment and true detriment to my pocketbook), I was thrilled to see the rug on my doorstep this afternoon! The following items were also crossed off of our checklist this week:
  • trim painted
  • purchased the mats for the frames
  • dropped fabrics off at the workroom to be transformed into curtains and roman shades
  • got nowhere with the corbel project and are stuck on how to proceed
  • became discontent with the cable cover idea (versus dropping the cables behind the wall) for TV
  • ordered ribbon to adorn my lampshades 

Isn't this ribbon amazing though?

Weeks 2, 3 and 4 were far more productive for me.  But let's hope the other ladies made more tangible headway!  Head on over to check them out:

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Nancy and Bethany


  1. Love both rug choices ... I am a Skins Girl!! That Ribbon is fantastic ... is it leather????

  2. Love both of those rugs! I totally need them both in my house!

  3. Either rug is a winner. I love the ribbon, and the first image resembles me too!

  4. I am with Linda- I like both rugs too! I am also a bit frustrated
    with not getting projects or items done based on delivery schedules and workmen's agendas...looking forward to seeing your space next week!!

  5. I like both too... would be hard for me to decide!

  6. It's going to look fabulous, whichever you choose!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished room! That rug escapade would have sent me through the roof!

  8. Love them both! I would have been so stressed out with the rug problem.

  9. You can't go wrong with either of those rugs! Can't wait to see the finished space!!

  10. Bethany - oooh, sorry to hear about the rug issues :-( It's happened to me many times....not with rugs, but other thingies. Hey, if you don't finish, you don't big deal....things happen. Talk soon....

  11. which rug did you get???? I'm looking on ebay from time to time for a zebra hide..sometimes they are so reasonable! I just love that look!

  12. nevermind...I went back and read it again...I had a very similar incident with a wine took nearly a year to get it and I had a hole in my wall cut out for the space or I would have told them to eat it! HOWEVER...rugs are can always use them somewhere!

  13. Boy do I feel you! My rug dilemma is actually a light fixture...But I understand:) Both rugs are wicked awesome BTW and I can't wait to see your room next week. I too am taking comfort in the fact that the first 4 weeks were super productive. You are awesome...don't fret.

  14. Both rugs are wonderful keepers. Try both in the space and then find another deserving space for the other one! A win/win!

  15. That sounds like an all to familiar story! (As I wait for some window coverings that I ordered last March!) Both rugs are lovely, though. And the ribbon is gorgeous. You're probably making more progress than you think!

  16. It's the experiences like this that keep it all interesting, right?? I love both! Can't wait to see your room next week!

  17. I like both rugs. I have actually been eyeing that zebra print cowhide rug for a while myself. I don't have a place for it.

    Can't wait to see the big reveal next Wednesday!


  18. Gorgeous rug! A lot has been accomplished. I am amazed you had taken on this challenge with the regular workload. Great job so far.

  19. ooh, I like them both! I cant wait to see the room next week.

  20. Poo.....I don't think I could decide which I liked best.....cause I love both. And for sure I do the same as it....change my mind. Trying to be better though.

  21. I love the rug that you initially ordered! Hmmmm...I am hoping to order from said company as well. Hoping I don't have to wait forever!

    Looking great! I am hoping I can get most accomplished this week!

  22. Both rugs are great. Can't wait to see the room.


  23. Well, your back up options are both terrific! Can't wait to see the final reveal!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  24. Oh how stressful! I can't stand it when orders are delayed - and thanks to the modern world that we live in, I even become frustrated when I can't get things delivered the next day - all thoughts of my mother's wise words such as "Whatever happened to delayed gratification" and "Good things come to those who wait" fly out of the window when it comes to shopping - lol!
    Both gorgeous rugs though - I'd keep them both!!!
    best wishes,
    Paula x

  25. I love both rugs! Can't wait to see the room next week!

  26. I'm sure the rug debacle is frustrating. Having options is good! They are both great. The ribbon is yummy. I am anxious for next Wednesday to see the results. Have a great week!

  27. Can't wait to see everything! Isn't it frustrating when businesses don't perform as they should?
    Happy Thursday.

  28. Shipping is such a pain in the butt sometimes, isnt it? Glad you got your rug though and I cant wait to see it all pretty in your new space!


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