Monday, July 23, 2012

Field Trip

Happy Monday!  Today, I'm  over at Linda's place helping with ideas for her awesome master bedroom that she's updating and renovating for our One Room Challenge.  Come by for a visit!

This past weekend Bethany and I went an hour west of us to the HAUTE tent sale we heard about through Michele, from My Notting Hill. Talk about overwhelming! There was an entire home of about 8 rooms filled to the gills with bolts of designer fabrics.  The store is in Marshall, VA, and they offer below wholesale cost on all their lines.

There are miles and miles of trims, tapes and cording.

Handfuls of rooms filled with fabric bolts, 10 deep. 

Fantastic and unique prints.

Enough to make two gals delirious. And hungry after wading through the sea of people and fabric.

We went with the intention of picking up some fabric for some projects we're currently working on.  But after an hour or two we left only with some trim.  We started veering off track very quickly from client project wants to wishes of things for our own future home projects. We did bring home some swatches though, since the sale goes on til July 31st, and we can go back with more focus!

It was a dreamland of textures, finishes and colors. And some amazing deals, at  the $14-16 per yard average.


If you are looking for help with your home, we'd love to work with you! Contact us for a listing of our services and prices. 
Nancy and Bethany


  1. WOW! It looks like that could be really overwhelming. Almost too much to take in for me. I would definitely need two+ trips.

    Have a great week.

  2. I wonder if it would be worth the drive....joking....sort of.

    1. Yes, it would be worth it for you to meet me for lunch and get a break from all your hard work! I guess timing is not so great :)

  3. Whoa! Totally overwhelming. I love the pagoda fabrics though.

  4. OOH! That embroidered pagoda needs to live with me. Looks like fun.

  5. Hi Nancy and Bethany - Thanks for sharing! Would love to go but crazy busy as we just got a new shipment this weekend. Have been unpacking our container. If you go back, see if they have any Belgian like plain greige linen suitable for upholstery. Will you please let me know? Thanks a bunch!

    1. They did have that, Loi, in several colors...whole bolts of it!
      Probably around 14.99 a yd. The phone number is : 540-364-1221. If you call her and buy a bolt, I'll go pick it up for you!
      xo Nancy

    2. Hey N - Enjoyed our chat!! It was a nice break for me....almost done with the new container....gotta price everything now. Thanks! Loi

  6. I love these types of events but they stress me out. I get so excited and want it all and then have to make choices - it wears me out - in a good way!

  7. You left with Just Trim!!!!
    Now that's will power!

  8. This looks like a place where I would leave with my wallet empty and my bags full!

    Thanks for visiting my little blog project and leaving such a nice comment.

  9. So many pretties! I'm with Patty-you left with just trim. I know that Loi is loving that you could help him out.

  10. oh my heavens, i could spend hours in a fabric store. That looks delightful.


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