Saturday, July 21, 2012

A teeny DIY

While Bethany is working her arse off for the One Room Challenge, I am busy on a makeover under one square foot.   I just needed a drink holder by my hammock.  I spent under $2.00 and this is what I did today. I would have loved to stripe it navy and white but this is the paint I had.

Items I used:

Plant stem holder from the garden center. 
Liquid Nails for Projects
Spray paint I already had.
Tape for striping.

Just a little patience needed for the Liquid Nails to dry overnight, and ta da.... Drink Holder in a Day! I always wanted one of these in my beach bag to stick in the sand up by the ocean.

Ever been bored and just tried something for a quick fix?

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  1. Nancy that is extremely clever Bravos. And the cost! Congratulations, now get a Patent!

  2. I love a quick fix ... fun, cute and very functional!!

  3. Great idea. Now you can totally enjoy...a good book a drink and fresh air. Sounds great!

  4. SO clever! A good design book and you're set! Pretty pillows, too!

  5. Now that is clever, I'll have a mini u,brella inmine please.

    Paul xo

  6. Great idea, Nancy! Will have to try this myself.
    Happy Monday.

  7. Ha. That's awesome. I usually just drink my drink so fast to prevent any spilling. A holder would be nice.


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