Thursday, March 15, 2012

Middle Kingdom Porcelain

Bethany and I are huge fans of Middle Kingdom Porcelain.  We both have many pieces, from serving pieces to beautiful vases, all works of art.

Our friends, Alison and Bo Jia, started this company in 1998. Their distribution center is near our home, so we are fortunate to stop in from time to time to see what is new, and get our dose of  LOVELY.   Now that we know their signature shape and style, we see their pieces in many of the boutiques and museums that we frequent, and they have their porcelains all over the world.

                       There's the Scholar series which features delicate hand painted animals:

The Red Chamber Series, of brilliant colored vessels:

                                      The Hermit series of functional porcelain serving pieces with handwritten symbols on the rims:

They also carry blue and white porcelains of all shapes and sizes.
                                        Here are the MK porcelains around my house:

In the kitchen

in the Office
in the Living Room

Have you seen these in your town or metro area?
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  1. I love the red chamber and hermit series. I don't think I've seen them here. Thanks for the tip!


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