Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Cookie} Motto for the day

  All of  the adorable little girl scouts in the neighborhood have hit me up several times already for Girl Scout cookies.  I think I'll support them, and just put the cookies in the freezer.  Out of sight out of mind...right?  WRONG!

.....frozen THIN MINTS are great, and I just downed a package of them in nothing flat.  

     They are boring looking, aren't they? So why am I so crazy about them?

Being a COLOR person, there are plenty more alluring photos of glamourous cookies !

                          Source: kimcreativestar.com via Simonetta on Pinterest

                      Source: tumblr.com via Ayla on Pinteres

Source: sweetapolita.com 

and my ALL-TIME favorite, macarons!! 

           Source: typography-daily.com 

       That's my motto for today!


  1. This is funny, I was going to chat about Girl Scout cookies, too. As a former GS leader, you can just donate the troop 1 dollar. They will make far more off of your dollar than they will selling you a box (they only get about 25 cents). You can also donate the cookies to the Soldiers. Just a few other ideas when you freezer gets full.

    1. Great ideas! good to know how much they make on a box, and with all that legwork! I think I'll donate the money next time!!! ( if I can resist eating the cookies)
      Do you still buy the cookies?


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