Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Custom Planter Boxes!

It's contagious! The decorating bug has attacked my husband.  He has not been known for being fiercely creative, although his wood working skills are really awesome. He was in on the sofa reupholster and is getting more involved all the time, which is a total 360 for him.  Here are the planter boxes he made me all from scrap wood he had in his shop.

 I am crazy about Oriental accents and hardware, so here is what I found online to adorn these. 

I have been looking for planters that could make more of an impact from the street and taller than what I've found retail. These are 15" x 15" x 21".

I can't wait 'til the nurseries open in the spring to get a perfect pair of plants for these.
He is making Bethany some for her birthday... We may be taking orders in the future...what do you think?

Any size, any color, any adornment...CUSTOM to the core.



  1. Wow! Love how this turned out! Can't wait to see them filled.

  2. Nancy, so great to meet you. You are so handy....I love this. Moving around your blog....

  3. Yes, I would like two! White. I will look for the adornment on my own. Please let me know. :) :) :)

  4. I just clicked over from the "party"...yeah!


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