Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's on your list?

I must admit, before Bethany and I started our blog in November I really thought my house was well on it's way to being finished as far as decorating goes.  Then I get to see what all the bloggers are doing, and all of a sudden I am uber-inspired! Everything I do leads to something else, as you well know..... once you add one thing, then another part of the decor needs tweaking..

I'm like a little tornado, undoing something in every room or changing something, and not quite finishing it.  

[FOCUS Nancy!]

Projects on my list:
  • Finish the (repurposed) chandelier I got from Habitat Restore.  I painted it, and then put it on hold… possibly for my office?
  • Paint the sunroom
  • Redo the laundry room: paint and window treatment
  • Paint the guest 1/2 bath ( My "equestrian" bathroom: love the theme, tired of the faux finish on the walls.)
  • Get a new rug for the sunroom, and finish pulling that together, which of course will mean new pillows! YAY, I love pillows!
  • Get rods and hang new drapes in the breakfast room, and pull that room together.. I may need to stencil the white drapes, but I want them up first to "visualize".
  • Get matching rug for in front of the sink (Fallon by Jill Rosenwald) & new window valance.
  • Make a new bedskirt for the king size MBR bed...( thinking drop cloths to match drapes)
  • Get busy on art projects I have in my head, i.e. large drawings of our horses

Here are some rug ideas I'm mulling over for the sun room.  The one I put in the picture belongs in the breakfast area, but I like how it looks with the new reupholstered sofa and art, so here are some choices:

Which of these do you think I should get?

Source: via Nancy on Pinterest


West Elm



Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

What do you think?  What's on YOUR list?


Source: via Nancy on Pinterest


  1. I love anything geometric, and any of them would be a great bold statement, but I think #1. (#2 didn't show up)

  2. I like the rug in the photo, just fine. Excellent reupholstery, by the way.

  3. I think that if you do #1, it would be to "matchy" to the pillows. (Although, I do love it)! I love how #2 compliments the pillows and adds and extra element with the stripes, while also keeping a crisp, clean look.


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