Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Powell Foyer

There really is something to decorating your Foyer... Remember , "you never get a second chance to make a first impression", so you really need to make it warm and welcoming.  An entry should be a preview of whats to come when entering a home, and it needs to say something about the people who live there.  This foyer says we like various wood tones, a hit of Asian accent, Art, teal colors, area rugs....
My husband refinished the entry doors and painted the dark accent band around the panels. (We're trying to get him more involved in Powell Brower Home, so hopefully some custom products of his will be available in the future!)

I like to include Fine Art. There are three artists in the family, so I keep a rotating display to showcase their talents... Here my son, Michael's, 3 figures ( oil on acrylic) flank the hall closet.  An etching of his is on the other side.
Think of each wall of your entry as a "Vignette". Since I LOVE color, I am always changing my decor, so my next endeavor in this foyer is to stencil or add a clear/glossy pattern to this teal wall.
What are your thoughts on that?

Here is another corner of the entry:

I would love to 'glam' things up a bit, but my newly- retired husband has taken an interest in our decorating, and loves the coziness and warmth of wood .  I can't complain, but I do love mirrors and glass and sparkle, so I have to add those in moderation.  ( Although I have mirrors in every single room of my house.)
Any suggestions for stenciling the foyer?


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  1. I just discovered you blog and am enjoying browsing through it. I love the rug in your foyer! Please tell me where I can find it. The colors are perfect for my living room. Also, it appears to be square and I need a square rug for the room. Thanks!


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