Tuesday, January 24, 2012

far east movement

Did you see this business on OKL on Saturday?

                                                                   Source: onekingslane.com via Bethany on Pinterest

Very swoon-worthy in this pic.

                                                                    Source: grahamandgreen.co.uk via Bethany on Pinterest

I'm not sure what part of my brain this came from, but the mirror inspired all of this:

I feel like this is the kind of collected eclectic room that some dude that wears velvet loafers has in a treasure-trove of an apartment in some chic downtown area.  By day he runs an upscale thrift shop, but night he entertains with specialty cocktails like St. Germaine and Champagne.  It's not quite Asian, not quite antique, but just chock full of stuff and it may smell like a well-worn Persian rug in there.  There should be a token stack of books on the black chair, too.  I'm afraid of clutter, but if I wasn't, these would be some of my favorite things.

You're welcome.


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