Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking about MY style....

I've been a fan of color all my life, and although I make some bold moves occasionally in my choice of interior colors, I lean toward a spa-like retreat, a respite space of calm and sophistication. It is hard for me to pin point my tastes, because I am passionate about so many 'looks', but I think I'm more 'transitional', with a touch of modern. I grew up with Mid Century Modern in the 70's plus a house full of family antiques. I haven't fostered a love of antiques, but I like to mix a few in with every room to give it character and to keep it from being too 'New" and catalog-looking.

I like straight lines, textures, rich fabrics, leather, and architectural details. Comfortable but sophisticated, classy yet grounded and 'earthy'- all punctuated with lots of original art.
Here are some of the things I love... Let us know YOUR style!

- Nancy

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