Friday, November 18, 2011

First Item Offered for Sale!

In line with our mission, we are offering our first redecorating sale item! 

This beautiful Turkish Mazar runner was purchased for my hallway, but I did not do my homework and is too wide by about 3 inches.  It is 100% handknotted wool on a 100% cotton base and is in fairly good shape for an antique rug.  The size is 2'10" x 8'6" . 

[please excuse the chubby bulldog in the picture]

The colors look a bit more rosy than real-life, as I could not get a picture that accurately captures the light blue hue in the middle (it appears slightly lavender in the picture.  The colors are copper or rust, dark brown, light blue, cream and tan. 

Offered for sale at $250, plus shipping and handling - a super low price considering the size of this rug.  Message me if interested.


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  1. that is such a pretty rug! too bad it didnt fit :( maybe it'll work elsewhere in your house?


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