Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gettin Styled

So as we stumble through the process of getting up and running, we are searching for an image befitting of our style and personalities.   Low and behold, it's not so easy.  I'm soliciting the help of some designers who can put our style and tastes into a streamlined vision and while in the process of doing so, I started to think, what is our style?

Personal style is a funny thing, isn't it?  There are facets of style that embody who we are; they are less easy to place and more easy to "feel".  And then there are the things that we like and are pleasing to the eye, but it's not really "us" at our core. Take for instance trends.  Everyone loves a good trend (and loves to hate them, too).  Many times they start out feeling a bit odd or a little too off-beat, but when seen over and over again, they start to grow on you.  But if you've never been 100% in love with a trend, and you want to incorporate it in your home somehow, it can end up feeling insincere and ill-placed. If you always go with what you love, it's never in or out of fashion.  We all know that.

But back to personal style.  There's so many terms floating around these days and it's hard to sum up my sentiments on style for myself.   I can easily identify when someone's Vintage Modern, Eclectic Glam and of course the style of the moment, Union Jack'ed Industrial Rock.  But I can't quite identify what my style is in two adjectives or less, because it varies.  I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, until it's time to really get cleaned up, and then I feel pretty comfortable in a pair of really high heels and lots of [fake] bling.  And I want my home to showcase that same utilitarianism (partly because it has to - it's a small cottage and every inch counts!).  I want my home to feel designed and inspired, but its imperative to me that it feels cozy and comfortable.

But when I look at interiors by Kelly Wearstler, or even other bloggers, I notice when a style is super distinct.  Take for instance Amber from Amber Interiors.  She's got that Global Bazaar meets Boho Chic thing down to a tee.  And Christine at Bijou and Boheme is an obvious Flapper Pin Curls meets Hollywood Regency while Erika from small shop Studio has a definite 70's Palm Springs vibe going on.

I gathered my favorite, favorite images that's I've held onto both in paper and on Pinterest, so now the question begs, what is my style?

And lastly, my favorite mood board ever done, by a one Erin Gates at Elements of Style Blog.  LOVE this style.
Wow - what a great exercise.  I already see some patterns, most notably, MOODINESS :)

- Bethany

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