Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I just had my hair dyed ombre despite everyone's confusion, but I never do fun things with my hair so it was beyond time to switch-up.  Ombre is just a graduation of colors and can be expressed by either varying shades of the same color (monochromatic) or with different degrees of color.  It's been around forever and recently made a resurgance as part of the dip-dye movement in art and decor and mixes well with trends like chevrons and stripes.  Ombre isn't just a trend for haircolor but has also carried through into home decor.  I've seen dressers, walls, wallpaper and stairs being painted in an ombre colorscheme.  All of it looks pleasing on the eye because it conveys a sense of movement.

This is one trend I am LOVING but am thinking I'll stick to just the hair.  I can't see living with an ombre wall in any of my rooms for more than a month or two.  


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  1. That ombre zig zag is gorgeous! Also love it in a hair style.


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