Friday, February 17, 2017

On the easel

I'm on a painting binge this month!

It's been a while since I painted for myself, as it is customary that I create a hand painted piece for all of my design jobs (leaving my 'signature' behind) with little regard for private painting time.
So I took a turn at the easel in my sunroom this month to see what was inside of me lately. This light filled room is where I love to paint.  Our animals are always close at hand!

First of all, I have needed art over my family room sofa for a long time, and haven't found anything I wanted to purchase, so I painted this 36" x 48" canvas with nothing particular in mind.  I started with a black canvas and what I ended up with was iteration no. 3, just going with the flow of "Spontaneity" (aptly titled).

Here is it in situ:

(My husband is making a 4" wide natural wood frame for it, so it will visually take up that whole wall.)

Here I am in the evening, Nicholas the Shih Tzu by my side, painting Bethany's beagle "Winston" for over her living room sofa.  Again, we haven't been able to find just the right size and color piece, so I created it.

Next on the easel is a canvas using one of my current favorite color schemes; white, chestnut brown and black.   I'm calling this one "Oh William".

Here is a detail, which has drawing detail done over top of the paint.

Here is a progress of a cloud painting, started on a red primed canvas (just experimenting with different colored canvases)...

and the final "Moody Cloud" :

Another day of playing on a blue primed canvas, not knowing where this is going yet:

leading to the final "Whimsy" (nothing like where I started, but a fun journey).

I'd love for you to share your feeling about any one of these.

I'm still finding lots of unused canvases around my house and putting random color on it, then waiting for inspiration and a little time.  This has been so much fun, and very 'freeing'.  

Who knows what will come out of me the next time I sit down at the easel?  I hope you give it a try if you haven't already.  Art is very individual and personal, and it's ALL about the experience.


  1. beautiful Nancy. it must be so nice to be able to create your own art.

  2. Beautiful! I love seeing the creative process of artists. I often think of taking up a brush but I am not an artist.


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