Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Website and Chasing Rainbows

Our website is live and now a separate page, so hop on over to visit:
Our blog is a click away on the site and we are back to using the blogger url so you can change your direct link to our blog to: if you'd like.  We are sorry for any inconvenience.
Let us know what you think!

Last weekend after a powerful summer storm, we witnessed this beautiful double rainbow and actually could see the end of the rainbow in the field next to the road! It was a first for us, and truly amazing.  No pot of gold or leprechauns, but it must be some sort of luck!


  1. Keep Chasing those rainbows! The website looks great ... congrats Nancy and Bethany!

  2. The website looks great...that was one of my goals this summer, but with my son being in the hospital the website is on hold for now

  3. Loving the website gals!! I especially love that last project bedroom with the Lee Jofa lumbar pillow and layered tribal look!

  4. Hey there! Have been swamped; need to call you! The website looks beautiful. I love seeing more photos of your projects - recognize a few from your sneak peeks. Will check out the link for your site when we are back; just let me know if I need to do some thing different. Happy 4th ahead, Nancy and Bethany!! Xo

  5. Just finished browsing your wonderful portfolio and I am just mighty proud! Love the new site, and I just added this new address for my reading list!


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