Wednesday, May 6, 2015

You've got to try Easy Paint!

While visiting the DC Design House last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Marty Cornish, the CEO of Easy Paint, a professional painting service in the DC/MD/VA area.  I am always looking for reputable painting professionals for our design business, and this is the answer.  Marty gave Powell Brower Interiors a generous offer of a room to paint, so that we might spread the word!  Their concept is so unique and easy to use that I was thrilled to try them.  With your smartphone you answer some quick questions, submit photos of your project, and schedule a time that works best for you. They send back a quote within 24 hours, and assign an EasyPaint crew to the project. You pick your date and they confirm. Done. I scheduled 2 weeks out and were at the house at 8 am.

Do you remember my wall of family paintings in my sunroom?  Well it has been up for close to twenty years, and never been repainted.  This room has been on my to-do list to paint for years, but with the cathedral ceilings, skylights and beams, I could never psych myself up to do it.

I have always painted every room in my home myself.  I am the painter and have never hired a professional for my own home.  I was rudely awakened today though it wasn't rude at all; as a matter of fact, it was eye opening and taught me a lot about the worth of a true professional painter.

 I thought I knew the methods professional painters use, until I saw this crew! 
They were prompt, thorough and spent 1/2 of the day prepping the walls.  They moved our furniture and covered every inch of floor. All I had to do before they came is remove all the artwork and nails.  Their wall prep involved opening up all cracks, nail pops and unsightly seams in the drywall, re-caulking where necessary, and applying joint compound over the repairs. They primed over all the newly drywalled areas getting ready for the first coat.  

Here are some problem areas of my ceiling drywall and molding in sad need of repair that EASY PAINT fixed today!  That was an unexpected surprise!  I have been dreading hiring someone with tall ladders to do the work!

 They sanded all the walls and ceiling to insure a flawless application of paint

I was amazed that they primed the ceiling and wall seams in the room. 
{ I have never seen this!}
The new paint below is on the left and the old paint color is on the right. 
 I used Benjamin Moore Ballet White on the walls and Dove Wing on the ceiling.

They painted the entire room with a 6" mini paint roller.
{There were no unsightly thick paint lines from the ends of those large rollers, like I have fought in the past.}

 The crew was extremely neat and tidy and vacuumed the floor as they left.  There was not a speck of drywall dust anywhere, nor were there any paint dots on any window frames or floor.  { I am always finding little dots weeks later that I need to scrape up.}

 It is so fresh and crisp.  They finished in one day, with a crew of 3.  They put the furniture back, but honestly, I just want to enjoy the light and the flawless walls for a while! I don't know if I want to put those paintings back up! 

Thank you Easy Paint! I appreciate the attention to detail and the work ethic of your crew and the flawless professional paint job today!  

If you are in the DC/MD/VA area please contact  They are working on expanding their business to broaden their work area so if they don't come to your area yet, hopefully they will in the future!  I give them a perfect rating and know you will too.


  1. I wish we had them in Connecticut...I need a new painter!! Enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo

  2. Wish we had the same service in our area!!!!

  3. Nancy what a reputable painting service to depend on in your area!!
    A great paint job sets the stage as does an amazing rug!

    The Arts by Karena
    Bunnies by Hunt Slonem!

  4. I love this ... it is nice to leave it to the professionals sometimes and just sit back and revel in the clean beauty of it all! I am in love with your high ceilings and windows!


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