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Dear Carolina- a must read and win a shopping spree!

You may have read the buzz about Kristy Woodson Harvey's new book, Dear Carolina, due to launch this week!  She is the daughter of the blogging and design duo from the fabulous  Design Chic!  I have been following them since I started blogging four years ago and have loved watching them grow.  I recently learned she is a published author, and was thrilled that she sent me her new book to review.

About the book:

The story takes place in Kinston, NC and is a story about an interior designer named "Khaki", her family and her husband's cousin, Jodi.  Khaki and Jodi are two very strong southern women but so different, whose maternal instincts and love of family carry the story through pregnancy, adoption and beyond.  The book is written to baby Carolina about how she came into this world and is raised with the best of both worlds.
Khaki, the designer, talks about High Point market, client presentations, and traveling to and from New York City frequently where she maintains a design business while splitting time between NYC and NC.  Jodi is a poverty-stricken alcoholic and knew she wanted a better life for her baby.  Watching Jodi beat her odds and find her place in Khaki's family is a beautiful tribute to rising from adversity and love conquering all.

    About the author:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Kristy on the phone so I could get a more personal feel for her background and what lead her to write this novel.  Kristy is the wife of a dentist and mom to a 3 year old son.  They live in Kingston, NC where the book takes place.  As a reader I felt like I wondered if her story was written from personal experience.  I wondered if the character Khaki mirrored Kristy's life.  I read so many personally relatable references as a designer, mom, a person with deep southern roots- it seemed too coincidental that Kristy's life was nearly the same as Khaki's.  Sure enough, the story references the author's own life.

Nancy:  Tell me about your life growing up?

Kristy grew up with the influence of a strong mother, Beth.  When Kristy was a young girl, her parents worked 2 weeks in NYC and 2 weeks in NC a month, so she was accustomed to a busy life traveling back and forth.  She spent her summers in Beaufort, and has a strong connection with the sea coast.

She went to UNC Chapel Hill, where she majored in Journalism, and got her masters in Multi-Cultural Literature.  Dear Carolina won several literary awards and caught the eye of the publishers at  the Penguin Group and the rest is history! 

Nancy:  What are some other similarities in you and Khaki's character?

Kristy, who herself had trouble conceiving, did go to a Chinese herbalist to help her get pregnant, just as the character Khaki had done.

Nancy:  Khaki's husband Graham sounds like the perfect man and every woman's fantasy; good looking, sensitive, salt-of-the-earth, and her rock.  Is this your husband?  

Kristy says very much so.  

Nancy:  Khaki is a feisty character- are you that way?  

Kristy suffered from Lyme's disease a few years ago and her husband said he missed her 'feistiness' when she was sick.  So she brought it back full force in the book in both female characters.

Nancy:  Jodi's character is so multi-faceted.  She says the funniest things- are those sayings you grew up with? They seem so true to life.

Kristy said she made a lot of them up!  (very talented and imaginative young woman!)

Nancy:  Will there be a sequel? 

Kristy says there is another book to follow in the spring of 2016.
I couldn't get enough of this book, and wished it hadn't ended.  Admittedly, I don't often finish a book but this was an easy, fun read that I easily sailed through in a few sittings.   The metaphors and references to southern slang will make you giggle repeatedly and the message is truly touching.  

Buy the book:

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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and follow Kristy's career and their Design Chic blog!


  1. Thank you so much for the great review, Nancy! And the fun interview!! I loved getting to chat with you and know you better! xo Kristy

  2. Hi Nancy...i loved it to and didn't want it to end!

  3. Love the book and sharing it with my friends for Mother's day!

  4. I'm so intrigued! Can't wait to get a copy!

  5. I preordered it on Amazon a while ago and can't wait until it gets here! Love her decorating and writing style!

  6. I preordered it on Amazon a while ago and can't wait until it gets here! Love her decorating and writing style!

  7. I loved it! It is a definite Summer read for all!

  8. I loved it too and loved learning more about Kristy from your post - she's so amazingly talented!

  9. Kristy is so very talented, and I loved your interview with her. Thank you for sharing! All the best, Rié | Portobello Design Blog

  10. So proud of Kristy!! What a talent! I've been a fan of Design Chic forever. Loved learning more about her - great interview, Nancy. Cheers, L


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