Monday, April 20, 2015

High Point Recap II

The story of our sojourn to High Point continues with stops at some of our favorite showrooms, like Natural Curiosities.  They always have live demonstrations there and creativity is so fresh.

  Cyan Design was a new surprise to us.  I love this bar cabinet.

We spent hours in Lee Industries sitting in every piece of furniture!
This is my favorite chair frame.

 killer Lee campaign chair:

 Love these Lee half screens by Bobby McAlpine.

The rugs on display were from Eliko, so we found them and spent another hour looking at their gorgeous rugs.

We were seriously on the hunt for some one-of-a-kind rugs and sadly did not come home with any.  We are sad to have passed on this indigo Oushak, but it just wasn't the right size.

The art at market was fantastic. Among our favorites was this collection at 

The Phillips Collection is one of our favorites-- so creative and unique.

 This rotating sculpture table needs to be in my house.

Following #hpmarket on Instagram makes us feel like we missed out on so much more there.  We just couldn't see it all!  There's always next  year!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Love all the ideas and photos below. Idea overload!

  2. We were there on Sunday - so wish we had met you!! Loved Zoe Bios art and Natural Curiosities is always a favorite…stunning! Happy weekend, Nancy!!

  3. I am dying to go! Maryann and I are hoping to come next market!! Thanks for the run down!!

  4. So fun to see High Point through your eyes, every one has a different perspective and by reading I get to feel as if I was there, thank you,

  5. I agree, all those art work are just beautiful! So hard to pick faves!


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