Monday, April 20, 2015

High Point Recap I

A weekend at High Point Market is not enough!  We were there with the masses trying to see as much as possible, and it is IMPOSSIBLE to see it all.  I loved seeing our designer friends from around the country and seeing what's new in the design world first hand and I especially loved going with Bethany for her first time to market!  It's a huge difference seeing everything in real time versus viewing products via swatches and online- that is an understatement.

Our weekend started with a fun evening at the Jr. League High Point Showhouse gala where Lisa Mende's kitchen, breakfast room and rear entry designs topped the charts!  The black, white and blue colors were spectacular.  Lots to look at from floor to ceiling, and beautifully balanced.  Other great designs were the entry by our friend Traci Zeller, a fantastic carriage house with designed rooms by Parker Kennedy Living and The English Room.

Lisa Mende Design
Lisa Mende
Parker Kennedy
The English Room

Art Studio by Leslie Moore  (Bethany's booties not optional)
 Among our favorite finds were the amazing lighting displays.  This is just a hint of the thousands here.

Cyan Design
Regina Andrews
Alhambra Antiques
Visual Comfort

Some other things that caught our eye:
Made Goods
Gold Leaf Design
Gold Leaf Design
Of course we had to slip in some fun in between the cocktail parties and showrooms with a rickshaw ride!  That was a blast and gave our feet a breather!

More peeks of market in HP Recap II next time!


  1. What a fun post! Beautiful designs and thank YOU for the tour.

  2. Love seeing you both having such a great time!! Isn't the lighting available so exciting and unique!
    It is one of my favorite things to see along with great art in the rooms!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. It sounds like it was a whirlwind weekend - next time you have to go for longer! I love the pics of the two of you - mama and daughter beauties! xoxo

  4. It was so nice to catch up with you two fun ladies! Let's not wait so long for a next time.
    XO Kerry

  5. Great seeing Lisa's kitchen and those great products!

  6. Did you guys see any small coffee tables that just caught your eye? I am looking for the perfect one for a client!! Loved this post. I am going to try and go in the fall!

    1. Of course we saw lots! Tell me what your specs are; wood, glass, brass, style? I'll email you!

  7. Loved our few moments together!! Such a whirlwind of inspiration!! xokim

  8. Such a fabulous tour! That kitchen is super gorgeous, love it. I also love the lighting. Thanks for sharing!


  9. I'm sure it was just a feast on the eye everywhere for you two if we just saw a glimpse here! You gals look fabulous by the way, happy as can be in their favorite element! :-)


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