Monday, January 12, 2015

PBI Design Lab

I was not liking the drum shade in my foyer anymore and thought I'd play with 'statement lighting' ideas I've been toying with.

I've had this idea for months and finally initiated it late one night.  I was inspired by the idea of pressing leaves between wax paper as a kid thinking that cloudy translucent material might work with my idea.
I cut out leaf shapes out of strips of pressed wax paper, doing several strips at a time.

Opening up the seams I had shapes like this (excuse the late night poor iphotos, but that's the only progress shot I got.)

I have no idea is this is something I will keep for long, but it is a fun change from the ordinary. 

We love to use our own homes, aka Powell Brower Interiors Design Lab, for spontaneity and experimentation!  


  1. So creative! And what patience to do all that!

  2. I love how creative and unique this fixture is. The translucence of the wax paper is perfect!

  3. Nancy how creative, artistic and yes, fun! I love it!!

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  4. What a fun change! I love mixing it up, but sometime I get stuck. You two always have the best ideas.

  5. What a fun idea!! Love the translucency of the wax paper!

  6. The Design Lab is working wonders!! How Fun! xokim

  7. I love your creative mind, such a fun whimsical statement!!

  8. Oh, cool!!!! I luvvvvvvvvvv it :) Yes, I do!!! It's fun and fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration - xoxo


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