Friday, January 9, 2015

Art Sources: Minted

Art brings a new perspective of life to the maker and the viewer . I feel it is essential to the soul and fills mine personally with inspiration, imagination and transcendence.  It actually makes us change the way we think about certain things, and opens up our minds to the views of others....a very healthy activity for all ages and cultures.  
Art is a topic I am very passionate about.

 Original art isn't just for collectors or deep pockets anymore, it is for everyone. There is a trend  today of 'vehicles' that bring art to us at every price point. This is a remarkable concept that is spreading like wildfire these days (think Etsy, Ebay).
Today I am reviewing a great source:

Minted's mission is to gather communities of independent artists, illustrators, textile designers, packaging designers, and stay-at-home moms and bring their talents to you via their online marketplace.  

You can customize your art selection by size, quality of the paper, frame selection (11 to choose from) and oftentimes different color ways.  
There are many opportunities through Minted for artists to submit designs, enter design challenges, win cash prizes and sell your designs on Minted.  You can also customize a gallery wall, or select fabric printed to order in many different colorways.  The site is really multi-faceted and will take you through decorating your walls to personalizing your stationary, cards and party decor.  Their new collection of Save the Date cards is their latest addition.

Check out Minted for your next dose of inspiration.


  1. I have not used Minted yet, but have proposed a few pieces. Beautiful pieces! Happy Friday my friend!

  2. I love MINTED! not just for their cards, but their art as well and also their personalized art!

  3. Interesting. This first one reminds me of a local artist here from the 60's...his name was Charles Bunnell and now his paintings are worth thousands of dollars. I will have to check this out...I have some talented young artists in my class and their work is precious!

  4. Minted is amazing - nice choices here! Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Nancy! xoxo

  5. I'm going to have to check it out...I love original art!

  6. I have seen so much about minted online mainly due to the orc but have yet to visit their site. Looks like a great resource. Happy Monday Nancy!!



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