Friday, September 26, 2014

It was all a dream

Remember a couple of years ago when serial guest posts about dream houses were going around the blogosphere like the wave?  Mash ups where someone would catalog images of their favorite rooms to make up their dream home.  Pretty much my favorite pastime ever....

I'm about to bring it back.

I have been dreaming nonstop about our , err, my dream home and the feasibility of doing something like this at age 32.  I already have a grandiose and likely improbable vision of what I want in our 'finally' home but constantly wonder if this is doable in the next 5 versus the last 20.  

I've talked about how we've outgrown our current cottage, sadly.  In this next year, it's time to either upgrade or stay the course here, making some small changes to make this home more liveable until we can do what we really want - which is build.  

I'm not so set on the interiors, shocker!, because I know my tastes will change 15 times before I ever step foot in it. What I am fixated on is the exterior. 

I want, I want, I want the entire back to be windows and doors that open up to an expansive ground-level deck or courtyard.

While I think this layout is most appealing in a California Spanish ranch,  I reckon I'd have to do some version of a modern farmy ranch to make this style vibe in Northern Virginia.  

I lust after L and U shaped homes that lend themselves quite well to the glass-lined backside and ground-floor deck.

So many dreamy options and it's only the exterior!  I could drool on my desk for days just thinking about floorplans and swinging casement doors without even scratching the surface of the other 'must haves' in this place:

// guest cottage slash mancave //
 // indoor dog stable (oh yeah... that's being whiteboarded out next) //
// barn //

Clearly I've bumped my head.  Must find compress.

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  1. yeah, i could pretty much live in any of them!!

  2. Lots of inspiration here! Really shows how great ranch style can be.

  3. We are both dreaming the same courtyard dream!! I would love one with lots of pea gravel and access to main home for open entertaining. I will wish your for dream tot come true too!

  4. I'm with you! I love this layout! Happy Friday!

  5. Amen sister. Love this layout too. I've always wanted a courtyard.

  6. Those are such beautiful spaces! Having a living space outside is such a luxury.

  7. Great ideas Bethany! I love the U-shaped wrap around ranches, so cool, with a pool in the middle and french doors opening from all of the rooms surrounding it! Go for it!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. These are are lovely...the way they create a courtyard for the pool is fantastic! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  9. Love the u shaped house idea!!! What beautiful outdoor images!


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