Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Its as simple as...

...changing your textiles!

Do you want a different look for summer with minimal cost and effort? 
It can be as simple as adding new draperies, pillows and throws. Let's say you have a neutral couch, or, as in the case of a recent client, a brown leather sofa (which is suddenly looking too heavy in the summer light and climate).

Let's look at a few tips that can change your look from winter to summer. 

Your home will look fresh and well loved if you change it up a bit. Have any of you lightened up for summer?


  1. Oh yes, my little pillow addiction came in handy! :)

  2. Thank you for this - I have two big brown leather couches in this house and your ideas for summer are perfect!

  3. I think my house typically looks more "summer" than any other season of the year. That said, I can use these ideas come fall. :) Love the orange tones you've chosen in the second example.

  4. Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home.

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  6. Nancy it really can be so easy to freshen things up for the season. It helps a lot to see the ideas in images though! Thank you!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. I love your ideas and should do it around my house! I do like to add a furry throw to my sofa in winter though!

  8. It's like magic! I'm going a bit coastal for summer, hopefully I can share my living room next week. :-) Happy 4th to you all Nancy!


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