Friday, February 21, 2014

Start now to freshen up for spring

I'm pretty sure this spring will be a welcome change for many of us who are tired of this severe winter weather. I'm planning on several makeovers in my own home and wardrobe and image!
 As 'frequent redecorator's' here are some of our tips to give your room a new fresh look without breaking the bank.


  • Refresh your lamp shades with trim, or paint the insides, or buy a new shape!
  • Add new vases and branches on a table for a more modern look.
  • Buy new white towels.
  • Replace your shower curtain and get a new liner!
  • Take up the rugs and try 'bare' for a while.
  • Get new drapes or add trim to your existing ones and hang them high!
  • Collect some new pillows- try a new accent color.
  • Rearrange your artwork.
  • Take all your accessories out of your room, and try putting new arrangements in place.
  • Bring in new live houseplants.
  • Paint your ceiling an accent color.
  • Add a mirror to a room.
  • Update a light fixture to something a little unpredictable! 

Fresh flowers make a huge difference, don't they. Treat yourself!  What do you have planned for spring?


  1. Great tips, Nacy! I'm also planning some colorful makeovers. Spring can't come soon enough!

  2. Great list of ideas! I 100% agree on fresh flowers. Every time I have them I think "why don't I get them more often?" They make such a difference!

  3. Oh my such beautiful inspirations ... I am still just trying to get the boxes out and furniture in! I am looking forward to actually "decorating"!! xo

  4. I love an infusion of fresh flowers every now and then, especially when they fragrance the room too.

  5. Great tips! I really need new white towels. Have a great weekend!

  6. I always have fresh flowers and an orchid or two in my home-- they add such brightness!

  7. Such great tips! And I love how you display corks in your vase!

    The Glam Pad

  8. Great Tips Nancy! I'm definitely changing up come March, going for a lot of GREEN & GOLD - I know, sounds Christmas-y but I'm ecstatic for malachite right now!

  9. All great pointers, I pinned away!!! Love all the bright, fresh happy colors,
    I am ready for Spring!
    Happy Weekend,

  10. I really love how milk glass looks so chic and sophisticated in just about any space! That blue lamp is soooo divine Nancy! Can't wait to zhush my pad up for spring!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  11. Thanks for the home could definitely stand to be brightened up from these dreary days!

    Have a lovely weekend! xoxo

  12. I love these tips! We're renewing our lease for another year at this house so I'm suddenly swamped with ideas of more things I want to do around here. You've just given me a few more ideas to add to my list...:) I'm in Florida so while our winter wasn't anything like what the northern states experienced, it's still exciting that spring is right around the corner and it definitely gets me in the mood to do some freshening up in here!

  13. Fabulous refreshing ideas for spring, I love them all, but the last pic in the Green and with the parrots caught my eye! Thanks for sharing and for visiting me.

  14. Love these ideas for instant freshness!! Hope you are all well, been a bit busy but love seeing what you two are up to!!

  15. Hi Nancy, Great ideas to bring a little spring inside:) This time of year is tough .. it's those transition months that are difficult. The flowers are always welcome and really change the mood of wherever they are. I like to freshen up with new rugs and pillows too:) Enjoy your weekend! xxleslie

  16. I can't wait for spring. I finally feel like it might be coming. Love your tips.

  17. Perfect ideas! My tulips are starting to poke through so it's not too far behind! Yay!!

  18. such great ideas! I've gotten a few new houseplants...I'm thinking new surprise there.
    "frequent redecorator's" true!

  19. I love fresh flowers...the tulips are so pretty!

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  21. I'm gonna try some of these tips just to see if it makes spring come a little faster! :)


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