Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rome in a day

I actually spent 4 days on the front end and 3 days on the back end of our trip in Rome, Italy, but I will show you some highlights and hopefully I can convey the LOVE of this city that we felt.   Living near Washington, DC I am used to the traffic and the people, but my sister is from quiet little Bristol, Tennessee and she was a bit overwhelmed...and it was the 'off season'! But as one blog friends put it, "I love the chaos of Rome!"

     {view from a Vatican window}

 {inside St. Peter's Basilica}

 {the Sistine Chapel by Michaelangelo}

 {have wine will travel}

{Trevi Fountain}

{Piazza Navona}


{the Coliseum}

 Simply amazing. Every time you turn around was a photo op. The metro/bus ticket was 8 Euro for unlimited passage per day and that's how we got around when we weren't walking 6 miles a day (according to our pedometer)!  Plenty of leisurely lunches and cappuccino breaks, wine at every meal, fabulous food and lots of fashionable Italians to watch.  The art in this city is amazing!  (More on that another time!) I loved Rome but it is true what they say about the pick pockets! I had my wallet stolen the second day on a crowded bus.  It didn't damper my trip though and thank goodness my sister covered me the rest of the trip!  Next stop Florence! Have a great day friends- I missed you!


  1. Welcome home, Nancy! Looks like a fabulous trip - great photos!

  2. photos are beautiful ... and if this is what bike riding is like in Rome, well ... I am IN!! xo

  3. It's truly a fantastic place and your pictures says it all! Glad you were only hit small time, I'll surely be careful when I go there someday. :-)

  4. Good morning, Nancy! I was so excited to see your pictures...they are all wonderful! I love the one with the bike and the wine bottle. Rome is such a fantastic city...one of my favorites. I am looking forward to the rest of your posts. Thank you SO much for sharing your trip with us!! xoxo

  5. This is so much fun getting to follow along on your trip! Love the bicycle, I do think I remember wine being less expensive than water! :)

  6. Wow , what gorgeous photos, you need to blow those up and use as art!! Really wonderful shots!!

  7. What fabulous photos, I enjoyed following your trip on Instagram, it looks like you had the absolute best time!

  8. Welcome Home Nancy...I love reliving the sights of Rome...such a wonderful city!!

  9. Beautiful photos, Nancy...just gorgeous. I'm so glad that you had a great trip- besides the pickpocket. My hubby was mugged a few weeks ago in London and injured pretty badly. Thank God you were not harmed.
    How's your baby girl feeling after her surgery?

    1. She is back to normal and healed so fast! She's amazing. Thanks Tina! So sorry to hear about your husband's trouble in London. Hope he is ok!!!!!

  10. Ahhh, I just love that city! Your pictures really make me want to hop on a plane tomorrow! I remember spending some leisurely lunches and dinners in the Piazza Navona and never wanting to leave. Such an amazing place.
    Ciao! - Shelley

  11. I have been to Rome several times and each time I go I fall in love again. It is simply fabulous. Did you visit the entire Vatican museum? So much to take in you could spend a month there.

    Looking for ward to more of your adventures.

  12. You know that I am dying!! The sculptress in me is totally jealous, Nancy!!
    You know that only a few get to visit here, and so many only dream of it! I am so happy the thou were able to go.

  13. Hey Nancy! I'm so glad you're back. My parents visited Italy about 10 years ago (my Mom's parents moved to US from Sicily right after they got married.) Anyway, they absolutely fell in love with Italy. Glad you had a good time, and the photos are beautiful!!

  14. All your photos are beautiful! Rome is truly amazing and Florence is on my bucket list. Welcome back!

  15. Pick pockets?! The picture of the bicycle with wine cracked me up! Can't wait to go in the spring.

  16. Sorry about the pick pockets, yuck. This all looks so amazing. It's nice to see you back and posting. Hope you are over you jet-lag.

  17. Though I didn't go to Rome while I was gone, I think the sound of the cities is what makes them come to life! Great pics! I am sure that after seeing it in real life the pictures don't even do it justice! That is how I feel about Venice and Greece!

  18. Wonderful photos!! I love the wine holder on the bike! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Love following your adventures in Italy!.... absolutely my favorite place I've traveled thus far, although, believe it or not... we've yet to get to Rome. Sorry about your wallet!.... that actually happened to me right when we moved to Geneva.


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