Monday, October 14, 2013

Guest Post - Tiffany from Living Savvy!

Ladies and Germs, we have a guest posty for you guys today.  Bah bum ba bum... drum roll please.  Tiffany from Living Savvy is joining us filling in for Mom while she's travelling around Italy.  Cool coincidence,  so is Tiffany!  They will both be vacationing in Italy at the same time.  So without further ado:

Hey there!  I am Tiffany from Living Savvy and I am happy to be here today!
As an Interior Designer I have always wanted my home to make a statement, but I also need to keep my budget in mind.  That means that most of the time what goes on my walls is the last thing I think about.  I am always looking for inexpensive bold art... but that is hard to find.  So I thought... DIY!

Black and White art seems to be all the rage right now!  I looked around my house, took a few things that I had on hand and came up with these two bold art pieces.  Check out my DIY HERE.

They hit all of my wants... bold, and inexpensive!  Love it when that happens!
For more DIY's be sure to visit me at Living Savvy!

Thanks Nancy for having me!  I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Thank YOU, Tiffany, for joining us.  Isn't her DIY great?  I love that she put her talents to good use and made something totally fitting to adorn her walls. Check out her other wonderful tips at Living Savvy!


  1. I love all the bold Black and White abstracts I see these days, they mix so well with photography and other art !
    Happy Monday!

  2. What a fun and easy diy! I'm loving all those West Elm knock offs!

  3. great post babysitting...hope you're having just the best time!

  4. Love these kind of abstract works. And i'm totally jealous of T and N's european escapades! Take me with you ;)


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