Friday, September 13, 2013

Whats on Your Walls?

Today we welcome Kristy and Beth from the beautiful blog Design Chic! They are a mother daughter duo like us and we have long been followers of their good taste and southern charm. Let's see what they have on their walls!

Thanks so much, Bethany and Nancy, for inviting us to your beautiful blog. We are so pleased and flattered to be able to share with your readers! 
All of these images are from the beach house we are in the process of remodeling together in Beaufort, NC. We all know that art can make or break a room, so we were thrilled to find what we thought were some perfect pieces. We took that sage, age-old advice and bought pieces we loved, then found a place for them, not the other way around. And, believe it or not, it worked! 

We adore the corals and seaweeds painted by Kerri Shipp - just what we had envisioned at the foot of the stairs. (Hmmm.... We had had a party the night before and suspect someone bumped that middle row picture a bit!)

These three dimensional fish from Phillips Collection are the perfect fit over the awkward but character-filled mirror that's a part of the original living room mantle.

The colors of the painting from Kerry Steele are ideal for the upstairs master bedroom.
This was the first art that we bought for the beach house, way before a color scheme was even a thought. We think it's perfect in this space and brings the colors together seamlessly. 

One of our favorite blog friends, Kendall Boggs, painted this diptych and we had to have it for the beach house - the colors are yummy over the mantle in the entrance and we think it must be one of those old woman/young girl things. Women always see a bride and groom in "Black Tie Affair" and men always think it's a painting of fishing lures... Go figure!

Thank you so much for letting us share, Nancy and Bethany. Powell Brower at Home is one of our daily stops. Thanks for the inspiration! 


Thanks so much, and we love what you have done with your Beaufort home and enjoyed following the process of your remodel.  You can see their posts here and here, plus check out their daily dose of inspiration on Design Chic!

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  1. I SOOO love this!!! Thank you SO much for the "shout out"! The framing looks great and I love where you displayed the diptych. Looks wonderful!!!
    kendall boggs

  2. Gorgeous art ... I love those Design Chic ladies and I have to say I tried to get a client to buy that Kerry Steele piece ... I LOVE it and am so happy I now know where it is hanging! xo

  3. This is the most amazing home. I have been watching those ladies transform this space and it is so fun to see it. Kerry's art continues to impress me. Just beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous home!! I am in love with color palette used by Kendall Boggs. Seeing my art in its new home is always a thrill for me too.

    1. Thank you Kerry!!! I love your work as well! Where do you show your art?

  5. Thank you so much for having us on your beautiful blog, ladies. We love being here!!

  6. Gorgeous work ladies! I love that you've included so many different things on the walls throughout the house. Beautiful!

  7. Kristy and Beth's Blog Design Chic is one of my favorites and first reads each day! Thanks for inviting them over. Loved seeing what is on their walls in their fabulous beach home.

  8. OMG, Design Chic is one of my fave blogs and I'm glad to see more of their own decor in their home! All are classy and beautiful, just like the gorgeous images they share with us daily. Love the feature ladies!

  9. What a great feature! Love everything on their walls, for real, I love everything! My fave are the coral and seaweed prints!

  10. What gorgeous art, I love Kerry and Kendall's abstracts! It's been fun following along on their amazing transformation!


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