Friday, September 6, 2013

Whats on Your Walls?

Always being drawn to the art in design, I wonder what others have on their walls.  First of all I will show you a few of the pieces I have in my home, and then I will have some guests in the following weeks sharing the art pieces they have in their homes.

I used to represent an art company in Atlanta and had the privilege of not only being a Fine Artist in their catalogs and marketed my silkscreens nationwide, but I also collected art pieces and one of them is this lithograph by Jacques Deperthes entitled "La Neige et la Soleil".  I just love the snow scene and European feel of this print.

I also enjoy Japanese art and this "Sumi-e" ink painting is one I found at a thrift store. Being a horse lover, the subject matter grabbed me and I love the black and white brush painting.

These wood block prints by Michelle Perdue's "Say What!" and Jamie Brooks "Zebras" are among my favorites. Jamie Brooks was my mother's dear artist friend and neighbor in the 1950-s-1970's. 
{Please excuse the glare on the glass!}

This silkscreen print entitled "Night Stix" by (moi) Nancy Powell is one of four in a series of prints I created for TransDesigns, Inc. in the 1980's.  

I also have a few of my "monoprints" in my master bedroom which add color to my otherwise neutral room.

If any of you would like to email me and send me some photos of your favorite art pieces in your home, I would love to see what personal and individual art tastes you have!



  1. I like your prints and would love to see more of them.

  2. Love to see your art ... and YOUR art even more!! Happy Friday ladies! xo

  3. I don't have enough 'real' art, I need to get on that. You have some really great prints! Happy weekend!

  4. I am so fortunate to have my Granddaughter's Art in our home. Will send some pictures.

  5. are an artist? Well you are full of surprises aren't you:) I only have one good piece of art...the rest is crap cleverly disguised as something pretty....ha ha.

  6. I'm sending you photos this weekend.....your post made me realize that I have an art theme going in my home.....

  7. LOVE art!! I have so many pieces I am embarrassed top say some are sitting propped up on the floor because I don't know where to put them yet! I cant help myself when it comes to wall art.. its like candy to me!

  8. Love art! Don't have many but will share my favorite!

  9. I have one of those black and white water colour horse prints. I found it for free on the side of the road. I was going to pull it so that I could use the frame for something else.

  10. I have a crazy mix of everything. Some pieces from my mom and a few flea market and thrift finds.

  11. I didn't realize you're an artist. I think that provides a very different perspective for your design work. You probably consider things like balance and composition in a room a lot more than many designers may.

    I'm kind of an art snob. Although my definition of "art" has expanded to include vintage objects like flags, boat fenders, industrial objects, traditional artwork MUST be original. Original art has an energy, a little bit of the artist's soul, that a print just doesn't have. I'm typically drawn to abstract pieces from the 1960s but I do have some contemporary pieces by artists I know. A personal connection to a contemporary artist is always important to me. While it would be hard to pick one or two favorites, I'll send you some photos.

  12. Hiya, Nancy!
    Enjoyed the art tour around your home! I would love for you to start your silkscreens again. Night Stix is beautiful, and looks a bit Japanese inspired to me. Is it from the same period of Patrick Nagel? I used to love his pieces, and had some posters in my bedroom. That was many years ago :) And I find the composition in La Neige et la Soleil quite interesting. So graphic with the barren trees on the right and the shadows on the snow.

  13. I'm a huge fan of BRIGHT abstract art! Once we get a bit more settled, I'll send you pics!

    The Glam Pad

  14. I must admit I have a bad habit. I love buying original art from artists mostly impressionistic. Since I'm also an artist, I tend to trade paintings with other artists that I admire. When we built our house 20 years ago, both my husband and I wanted lots of windows, so know we have lots of light but very little wall space. So I'm resorting to stacking paintings on the walls. Needless to say, my daughter's new condo is benefiting from a rotating art exhibit! My very favorite pieces are by a Russian Impressionists.


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