Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Crush - Geremia

I spied this little pretty on a OKL Tastemaker Tag Sale and after clicking the link to find out more about the designer, I was down a serious rabbit hole. 

Bay-area based design firm Geremia has that something something that lends their talents to both residential and commercial projects - with equal awesomeness.  They give a whole new meaning to creative workspaces and really inject a unique point of view in their projects.  Something we all seem to seek out after seeing so much same-same.

I mean if DropBox (above) and Instagram (below) took advantage of their design skillz, you know they've got that it thing going on.

And homes? Silly.


  1. Unreal. How cool would it be to spend a day shadowing a designer like this?!

  2. This is interesting. I love seeing things that are not just more of the same trends.

  3. Ha! Those rabbit holes suck you right in! :) Love the unique pieces.

  4. Definitely cutting edge design, love finding and seeing more about up and coming designers like this!

  5. It's good stuff. Those wood chairs are amazing! Can you imagine having those in your office?!

  6. I really like that last image!

  7. So cool! Modern and different I love it. I love designer's that push the envelope and come up with new stuff.

  8. All of the good (or reasonably-priced) stuff was gone by the time I got over there.

    And I just bought one of those dining room chairs to use as a side chair in my living room.


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