Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weekend Update

Yesterday I made several trips to different banks in town with Gibbs. He ate his way across Manassas, since both banks gave him treats. We got in our truck first and Gibbs got all excited and when I switched cars he didn't want to come, since he now thinks car=treat.  Smart man.

I got distracted Saturday and went with the kids to the mall, so today is the day I work on some projects!
 That is unless its a beautiful pool day, which  seem to be numbered....

Do you believe this awesome painting by Josep Moncada ?  LOVE.



  1. Glad to see Gibbs is still being perfectly spoiled! Enjoy your Sunday sweet friend!

  2. So funny! Gibbs is beautiful!
    In love with the painting! Just gorgeous!

  3. In addition to being smart he is handsome! Have a great day - whatever you end up doing!! ;-)

  4. I love that painting. It feels cool just looking at it. Looks like the pool day is a bust so have fun with other stuff.

  5. Can I come out and visit you and the animals this fall? I love it when you share about Gibbs and the gang :)

    Regarding this Friday, let's make it around 11. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone. Lots to chat.....and dish :)

    x Loi


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