Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tell me what's involved?

The more involved we get with our business and our clients, we realize that it is PASSION that drives us to put in 1000% with each design client.  What's involved you say?

The initial consultation
Driving time
The many hours of creative brainstorming (x 2)
Telephone calls
Working on design boards on the computer
Putting together the presentation
Presentation of Design Plan to client
Going through fabric and wallpaper books and narrowing down choices to present to client.
Hours of online sourcing for products
Shopping at stores and trade sources- physical leg work
More shopping for the right accessories, more legwork; lots of trips to pick up "just the right things"
Doing hand renderings and coloring them in for the presentation
Painting and finishing some second-hand pieces, in some cases
Doing the artwork and framing
Scheduling contractors 
Supervision of on-site sub contractors
Turn-key project management
Installation of final project (oftentimes multiple days)
Invoicing, administrative duties and bookkeeping

As designers we aim to build VALUE into our price structure so the client understands what they are getting for the price they are paying.  Whether it is by hourly rates, percentage of the total job, or a flat fee, our commitment  to our clients is to offer the best  professional design service and KNOCK THEIR SOCKS OFF with a fabulous experience and final product. 

You know what happens in the end?

We get as much reward in doing this as our client gets in the finished spaces, maybe more.  

It feeds our creative souls.


It lights us up and fuels our engines for the next job. We call ourselves the " idea factories!"
Tell us what design does for you!


  1. Great post! Whew I'm tired just reading it all:)

  2. perfect. I just mentioned you two in my post today! I wish you were closer. I have a feeling we'd have a ball shopping together! Maybe this fall we can do a lunching and antiquing day!

  3. You two are so passionate about your shows in all of your projects. Your clients are lucky to have you and smart to hire you.

  4. That list is a great reminder of all that's involved! I still think it's amazing to get paid for doing what I love!

  5. Great post ladies. I wish everyone that's thinking about hiring a designer would read this. I don't think people realize how much time and effort we put into a project - I do it for the same reasons you do it. I'm passionate about design and can't imagine doing anything else!

  6. This is sooo true. And the worse part is the billing...

  7. Well my dears, now that you have listed it all I need to raise my fees! Not charging enough at all! That is an exhaustive list. Whew. I'm going to copy and paste to your link every time someone asks what it is that designers really spend all day doing

  8. Love the quote, it's so true! Creativity definitely fuels more, and better I might add, creativity!

  9. Hi, Nancy and Bethany :)
    Thanks for putting together this post!! It's true we all work very hard as it is a passion AND a business. Yet, I still feel like this trade is not taken as serious as others - architecture, for example. Anyhow, great, great post!
    Cheers from Maine,
    PS - We leave beautiful Acadia tomorrow and head for a wedding outside of Portland. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.....will email when back!

  10. So glad I have you ladies helping me out with the wallpaper issue!!!! Thanks a bunch!

  11. GREAT LIST Clients don't understand the hours involved in the final product. I completely understand your obsession to get it right! It is our passion!


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