Friday, July 12, 2013

Day Cream Casting Call

On a recent trip out of town, I misplaced my La Mer face cream.  I was so upset when I realized it was was my favoritest indulgence. Clearly I don't deserve nice things because I can't take care of them.

I needed another day cream so I tried Target's No. 7 Day Cream and it's kinda nice!  Any other favorites out there (that won't break the bank)?  


  1. You do deserve great things Bethany!! I find that there are many great alternatives to the very high end with most of the same ingredients!

    I like Boots #7 also!

    2013 Artists Series!

  2. I love all the Roc products - especially the serum! Your blog is great!

  3. My favorite is the La Mer gel moisturizer. It doesn't feel greasy or oily. It kinda makes me ill when I purchase it though!

  4. I tried La Mer last year and I really didn't see the big fuss. It was nice but for the price I really didn't see enough change to warrant it. I may try the Target brand.

  5. I am such a dork when it comes to facial and hair care. I'm clueless of what to buy! So sad, I know.

  6. Ponds cold cream tops as my make up remover and I'm loving garner BB cream right now. :-)

  7. I'm an Olay Regenerist girl--don't think you need it at your sweet age, Bethany!

  8. I am a La Mer gal from way back, BUT since I have retired I had to retire my La Mer as well. I am using Resist products from Paula Begoun and I really like them. I also use Revlon Eterna 27 with Progenitin at night and it is a great night cream, a bit oily, but I have super dry skin so it soaks in for me.
    Here is the Paula's Choice website....
    The resurfacing products really make a difference in the texture of my skin.
    Good luck,

    1. Hi. I love chantecaille's masque. It is a firming one and its probably hands down best one ive ever used.

  9. I agree with Olay Regenerist because I prefer serums to creams. I also like Hyaluronic Serugel for under eye cream. It is very hydrating without being oily. I'm almost 64 and I still have to worrry about zits!...but I don't have many wrinkles. Mother Nature is a tough cookie!


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