Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Library 2 ways

We thought we'd share some of the eBoards we have done for a some client.  Here is a library redesign using the client's existing black leather chairs and built-in bookcases.  We suggested layering in some texture, adding color or grasscloth to the back of the bookcases, painting all the trim white, new lighting window treatments and rugs.

We have volumes of eBoards, so I figured it was time to do some posts about our eDesign process.

When a client contacts us, we send them a questionnaire and request that they send us some photos of the room.  We also like to set them up with a Pinterest page so they can pin things they love and we can view their folder.  Then Bethany and I create the virtual plans.  If the client is out of town, we email them the plans and follow up with a conference call.  If they are local we have been presenting the plan face to face, which honestly we love to do, but are having to revamp our price structure to reflect the hours we both pour our hearts and souls into every project. It's a learning process for us, too!

As a designer, is your e design process similar or different? We'd love to hear.


  1. Hi Ladies it is so fun to see how you go about creating your design boards with your clients! You're the best!

    2013 Design Series

  2. Love the two layered looks you have pulled together! I agree that pulling the designs together and pricing to reflect the time spent is quite the learning process, I am STILL trying to figure it all out! My approach to it all is very similar to yours.

  3. Continue to share your E boards! The good thing about being a stager is that my true client is one I'll never meet--the potential buyer. I obsess over every detail to custom stage a house. I probably only make pennies per hour! Pricing is always difficult.

  4. Beautiful boards you talented girls! E-designs are such a great option for people, I'm sure any client would be thrilled with your unique ideas!

  5. Your boards look great...cant wait to see which one they choose...

  6. Really beautiful boards! I do the same thing for my clients. Boards really help see how different choices will work, or not. And thank Baby Jeebus for Pinterest - what did we do before it?

  7. Your boards are gorgeous and I love seeing the process you designers go through to make a room beautiful!


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