Friday, May 17, 2013

the f word

Mom (and others) often call me fickle.  

Finicky Filly

Fickle Pickle

I prefer to think I am always open to new ideas.

But when I was looking back through a folder of clippings I kept for bedroom ideas, I realized I was just that

Take a walk with me.

I wanted my first apartment bedroom to look like this.

When I was buying my first home, I wanted my bedroom to be either this

or this

When I started getting tired of my bedroom after the One Room Challenge, I wanted to shape it into this.

I make zero sense.  None of these images even have a common ground.  I am all over the map!

I have always been drawn to a certain type of bedroom.  Say, like my my favoritest one ever, in It's Complicated. But I've come to realize my room as it is now looks nothing like these rooms.

I like the flax and wood look.


This would be a good compromise between coiffed and tailored and a bit more linen-y.

Ok, so I am finicky.  I just confirmed that I would like a do-over on my room! 

I like a little bit of global in my room. But not like Cher likes it.  Did you ever see her home in Architectural Digest a few years ago.  It's etched in my mind forever.  I can't think of Moroccan decor without thinking of Cher.  


On a lighter note - what are you doing this weekend?  We have our second dog show with Seamus this weekend and so far, he was under the weather today, so we're hoping he turns the corner.  He may have pre-show jitters.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Fickle is FINE! love all the images ... and do love your bedroom after the ORC!! Feel better Seamus and good luck!! xo

  2. All that means is you have a genius creative mind that cannot be stopped. Run with fickle, it produces some great ideas! :)

  3. The answer:
    We evolve! We change with time....don't fret! Can't even remember some of my "room designs" over the years.

  4. Good luck, Seamus! We are all that way...that's why we stalk each other. If your home is "done" go back to the bedroom...otherwise, tackle an unfinished space first.

  5. Good luck to you and Seamus! I'm cracking up at your different styles. I can SO relate. I change my mind a lot based on what I may see that week that lights my fire. It can get very expensive.

    However, I keep reading that if you really look at all of your inspiration pictures you will find a common thread that is your true style. I'm not sure but I'm gonna give it a try :)

  6. Sometimes you get fully dressed in the morning before you figure out that you hate the outfit you put on. Why can't the same apply to home design. I get sick of things rather quickly too ;)

  7. Poor Seamus! Hope he's on the mend.
    Fickle girl, it's okay to change our minds.
    I remember the Cher article...I had a little Moroccan fling
    in 1999. Looking back, I despise it! I learned my lesson- don't follow a trend unless you adore it.
    Go Seamus! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  8. good luck to Seamus! I'm sure he'll be fine, it's you guys I'm worried about! ;-) As for being Finicky , you are definitely not alone on this, every time I see a beautifully designed space, I just want to re-do things in my home all over again!!!! I feel for you sweetie. I remember that Cher article, truly over-the-top and her home is so CHER, love it when people are brave enough to show who they really are even thru their homes!

  9. I call it creative....not just see new ideas and when your creative it sparks the creative juices...that's all it takes and your on to something new! Good luck to Seamus....

  10. Bethany...I knew we were kindred sisters when I saw that first and second photo of your dream bedrooms...exactly what I would have chosen. And while my tastes have certainly "grown up" a bit and I now prefer something more like the second to last photo, I am sure something else would catch my eye very quickly. Finicky? I agree with you that it is more open to new ideas and an appreciation for many things beautiful.

    On a side note, we raised weimaraners and my parents showed them for many years so your mention of your upcoming dog show brought back many fond memories...good luck to Seamus!

  11. Without fickle inclinations, the world would have 82% less need of decorators. I looked that up. (I totally didn't look that up.)

    Wasn't that Cher pad decorated by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard? He must have had the time of his life with that project.

  12. I can so relate, as I often think I have design ADD!! Good luck with Seamus, I hope he gets to feeling bettter! :)

    The Glam Pad

  13. haha, hilarious! you just have creative juices that are constantly flowing! love all of these looks!


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